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Michele Erikson, Executive Director of Wisconsin Literacy, Inc. (WLI), shared her experience using GiveGab's giving platform for her participation in The Big Share 2017!

Wisconsin Literacy, Inc. (WLI) Gained New Donors & Surpassed Their Fundraising Goals During The Big Share 2017! 

Before GiveGab

WLI was first introduced to GiveGab through their participation in The Big Share 2017, a Giving Day established by Community Shares of Wisconsin for their member nonprofits.

Making the Switch

This Giving Day was hosted by an alternative technology provider in the past, which Michele told us presented issues with scheduling matching gifts.  

"GiveGab's user interface was excellent, and the customer service was more available."

The GiveGab platform is an integrated giving platform designed exclusively for nonprofits, which means it includes a variety of tools for fundraising, marketing, supporter engagement, donor management, and more!  

Michele shared what she loved most about using GiveGab for The Big Share: 

"GiveGab's customer service was great, and the number of trainings were very good. We even had an office hour with a staff member whose follow up was excellent."

User Experience 

Michele told us that participating in this Giving Day motivated their board to give at higher levels and to get their friends to give. 

"We liked the feature where donors were being listed on our giving profile in real time."

Awesome Results

WLI surpassed their goals during The Big Share, raising over $16,000 in one day!

"We got 54 new donors, almost double from the previous year's Giving Day!" 


Participating in The Big Share on GiveGab helped LWI surpass their fundraising goals and introduced them to nearly double the number of new donors compared to the previous year.

We asked Michele to provide her final thoughts about using GiveGab for The Big Share 2017:

"GiveGab provided training and support in critical moments on the day of the event. The staff far exceeded our expectations in numerous ways."

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