GiveGab + Windfall

Advanced Digital Fundraising Meets Modern Wealth Intelligence

GiveGab, The #1 Digital Solution for Giving Days and Year-Round Fundraising, is tailored to nonprofit organizations, community foundations, education institutions, hospital foundations, and public media outlets, with a mission to help all fundraising professionals be great at their jobs.

Designed to make fundraising easy, enjoyable, and effective, you can expect the following results when you work with GiveGab:

  • Improved Brand Establishment
  • More Repeat and New Donors
  • Strengthened Community Engagement
  • Year-Over-Year Fundraising Growth
  • GiveGab partners with Windfall to help organizations leverage meaningful donor insights and focus their outreach.

    Windfall, The Modern Wealth Intelligence Platform, gives organizations the ability to identify, understand, and engage affluent donors. For your fundraising efforts, Windfall can help you:

    Identify - Find your wealthiest donors and prospects to prioritize your overall development workflow

    Understand - Segment your existing donors and prospects to help convert "hidden gems" - current donors with high net wealth could be giving more

    Engage - Figure out your engagement strategy either based on levels of wealth or Windfall's triggers

    Windfall partners with GiveGab to offer superior digital fundraising solutions for organizations to grow and further cultivate their affluent donors.

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