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Katie Busek

United Way of Buffalo and Erie County aims to bring people, organizations, and resources together to improve community well-being.

Katie Buseck, Marketing Communications Manager for the United Way of Buffalo and Erie County, shared her success story using GiveGab. Having used an alternative online fundraising platform in the past, Katie described the many benefits she experienced after switching to the GiveGab platform, including successfully running her annual Giving Day, Spring it On, along with personal fundraising campaigns!

Choosing GiveGab

Katie first looked into using GiveGab after experiencing frustrations with her old fundraising platform, including a lack of customer support, old fashioned user interface, lack of customization, and overall discontent with the website.

When asked what made her decide to try something new, "After a few years of working with our prior online fundraising tool, we were ready to explore other options. GiveGab made a presentation to the staff and that is when we realized all of the features that we didn't know we were missing."

When asked for her top reasons for choosing GiveGab, Katie said, "Customer service and support - the team at GiveGab is amazing; we could continue to use the platform even after our Day of Giving. It was important to us to make online giving more accessible for our donors and GiveGab gave us that option. Finally, the integration of volunteer opportunities was an item we didn't know we wanted until we saw it in action and plan to build on that feature in the upcoming year."

Awesome Results

GiveGab helped the United Way overcome challenges they had before: "The customer service team is amazing. They are always very responsive and I feel like I have another member on my staff - just in a different office. They listened to our past issues and came up with solutions that could solve our problem or make it better. GiveGab has a historical knowledge of Days of Giving and were able to help us strategize and use past experiences to ensure ours was successful."

"GiveGab also solved our problem of letting our agencies control their own profiles, reporting, etc. With the other system, we would have to pull all reports for the participating agencies as well as log any offline donations and even do some IT work. With GiveGab, we put all the control with our agencies and they loved being able to see all their donors in real time and make changes to their profiles on their own. It also took a lot of work off of myself and allowed me to focus more energy on promotion and recruitment."

Katie described the primary differences from other platforms. "GiveGab is different from the alternatives because it gives us the opportunity to use it year round. We can also allow our partners and member nonprofits to use the platform as a way to run fundraisers that benefit the United Way. We have made online fundraising easy not only for ourselves but for our donors as well."

"When it comes to GiveGab's variety of platform features, Katie told us her favorite is: "Fundraising champions and campaigns. I really like the opportunities we have to extend fundraising events and efforts outside of our direct contacts and allow the community to reach out on behalf of United Way."

Katie shared with us her most positive experience using GiveGab so far. "It has helped us give our partner companies that run campaigns an opportunity to do unique and fun fundraising events. You can only do so many jeans days until they are boring. We had one organization do a polar plunge and they had prizes for the employees that raised the most money. The employees then asked their friends and relatives to donate to them and the United Way was able to reach out to people who may have never donated before."

GiveGab helped the United Way reach their campaign goals. "We wanted a more user-friendly and multi-faceted online giving platform and we found that in GiveGab. Typically, during our day of giving (Spring It On), we would only raise approximately $500 for the United Way. This year we raised approximately $5,000 by utilizing the fundraising champions tool."

The primary reason why Katie would recommend GiveGab to other nonprofits?

"Customer support! If you have a question big or small they are there to help. Also, the user interface is very easy to learn."

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