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Brooke Kibrick

Olmstead Center for Sight is a nonprofit that serves those who are blind and visually impaired to help them achieve greater independence.

Brooke Kibrick, Marketing and Events Coordinator at Olmsted Center for Sight, shared her success story using GiveGab. Having never used an online fundraising platform like GiveGab before, Brooke described the many benefits she experienced after making the switch!

Choosing GiveGab

Brooke first looked into using GiveGab after experiencing frustration with the inability to customize online campaigns, email groups of people simultaneously, or see the status of campaign progress.

“We were offered the services of GiveGab through the United Way Spring it On Campaign”, Brooke told us.

She also shared that she's glad she made the choice to jump on board because of GiveGab’s ease of use and because the platform was fun for both donors and administrators using the back-end.

Awesome Results

We wanted to know if GiveGab helped Brooke to overcome challenges she faced previously and how her experience compared with other products she’d used. "The platform was easy to use and the customer service was GREAT!”, she said. “They were able to answer any question I had in a timely manner."

Brooke also told us that her all-time favorite feature is that the campaign editor allows her to choose a number of different design options. "The platform was easy to use and the customer service was GREAT!"

Brooke shared with us that her most positive experience using GiveGab so far was, "The ability to have our donors follow our fundraising story from start to finish...our donors were really invested in our campaign!"

Come to find out, GiveGab also helped Olmsted Center for Sight reach their campaign goals. We were thrilled when Brooke mentioned that, "We raised $1,000.00 more than we did in last year’s Spring it On Campaign"!

“We raised $1,000.00 more than we did last year!”

Spring It On Campaign

Lastly, Brooke told us that the primary reason why she would recommend GiveGab to other nonprofits was because of the "great customer service and it’s easy to use and share our campaigns with others."

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