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Why Host a Giving Day?

Hosting a 24-hour (or longer) fundraising event that engages multiple nonprofit chapters and their networks is an equitable way to increase awareness of your mission and all of its affiliates.

A Giving Day leaves a lasting impact on the organizations, businesses, and supporters who participate. It provides your Nonprofit Chapters with the resources and support to strengthen their relationship with your organization's larger unified brand and voice to maximize growth and funding.

GiveGab is here to help you strategize and develop a Giving Day to meet your unique goals. With our support, your organization and its affiliates can attract new donors, end a giving plateau, build fundraising capacity, advance equity, and highlight national impact.

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The Benefits

GiveGab promises best-in-class technology, connections to a community of Giving Day leaders, and the project management you deserve. With our commitment to regular feature updates, live chat support, and access to peer-to-peer fundraising and matching technology, you can maximize awareness, drive engagement, and easily collect donations.

Product Features

Our most successful Nonprofit Chapter partners use registration forms to manage participating chapters, donation surveys to collect donor data, business fundraising to engage localized community partners, and our registrant map to showcase participating affiliates across the US. 

What Can You Accomplish?

Take it from our partners; our modern and secure technology, paired with our unparalleled support makes it easy to surpass your fundraising and engagement goals - both on and offline!

"It makes a big difference the way the GiveGab is set up. Family Promise was able to get so many of our affiliates involved from the get-go because they could now easily manage their donors and gifts through the platform. Working collectively on this campaign has really brought everyone together to kind of sing the same message at the same time to increase awareness and also donations."

Cara Bradshaw
Family Promise

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