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Tracy Cutler

Lancaster County Community Foundation helps people in Lancaster County, PA invest in the future of the community through establishing permanent funds for the causes they care about and making grant investments to organizations that create a stronger and more vibrant quality of life for the community.

Tracy Cutler, Executive Vice President of the Lancaster County Community Foundation shared her experience switching to the GiveGab platform for their annual Giving Day, Extraordinary Give, and how the security, customer service, and flexibility helped them achieve their goals.

About Extraordinary Give 2018

Extraordinary Give is Lancaster County's Largest Day of Giving. It was created by the Lancaster County Community Foundation to support nonprofit causes across the county that impact local kids and families, education, housing, and healthcare, the environment and economic development, the arts, history, culture and more. This year they raised over $10.2 million in just 24 hours!

Choosing GiveGab

Tracy described the main criteria that informed their decision to choose GiveGab and how it impacted their Giving Day.

Security and Functionality:

    "GiveGab offered a great opportunity to not only have high-level security... but also have an amazing array of options for our donors and participating organizations. From a platform perspective, GiveGab offered things that were head and shoulders above the competition."


    "GiveGab is a company that is moving forward with the digital times. They understand digital trends. They understand the fact that donors want to see something lively, and engaging, and easy to use."

Testimonials From Lancaster County Community Foundation

Giving Day Experience

Tracy told us about the confidence the platform gave her and how that allowed her and the Extraordinary Give team to focus on enjoying and participating in their Giving Day.

"With the support of GiveGab, we had a confidence that the platform was working well and all of the details were under control. That allowed our team to really be able to focus on what's important which is relationships with our organizations, relationships with our donors and our sponsors, and to be able to be part of the celebration and excitement of the day of Extraordinary Give."

Learning the Platform

Tracy shared her experience learning how to use the platform and integrating it into her team's existing workflow.

    "It was simple to just, plug in, and go. Any questions we had, the GiveGab team was right there walking beside us step by step, we always had the resources that we needed."

Favorite Features

Tracy couldn’t pick a favorite feature, so explained how multiple features played a crucial role leading up to and during their Giving Day.

The Chat Bubble:

    "The Chat Bubble feature is amazing because the GiveGab team is able to support all of the aspects of the Giving Day. They're supporting not only the questions from the participating organizations, as they set up their profiles and move through the system, they're also answering donor questions, and our team's questions. The Chat Bubble lifted so much work off of our team that we gained back hours worth of time to be able to do our day to day work."

Integrated Peer-to-Peer Fundraising and Matching Gifts:

    "Being able to have integrated peer-to-peer and the business match was incredibly powerful, and we saw that our organizations were starting to tune in. We're hopeful that next year as our organizations are even more familiar with those cool features that they will be able to take even more advantage of it and grow our Giving Day."

Fundraising Results for

Extraordinary Give 2018







Extraordinary Give 2018 Leaderboards

The Leaderboards for Extraordinary Give 2018 featured organizations in order by most donations raised and most donors.


Children Deserve A Chance Foundation - Attollo topped the leaderboards for having the Most Raised with almost $550k and the Most Donors with over 1800 unique donations.


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