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Kathleen Murphy

Forefront is the nation’s only statewide association that serves nonprofits, foundations, advisors, and social impact sector allies.

Kathleen Murphy, Director of Communications at Forefront,the nation’s only statewide association that serves nonprofits, foundations, advisors, and social impact sector allies, shared her experience with hosting their annual Giving Day, #ILGive, on GiveGab's giving platform for #ILGive 2016.

About #ILGive

ILGive 2016 occurred in tandem with the #GivingTuesday movement on 11/29/16 and was established by Forefront to highlight the nonprofits throughout Illinois and all they do to contribute to the growth and success of their local communities.

Choosing GiveGab

Before hosting #ILGive on GiveGab, Forefront made it so nonprofits could participate using the online fundraising platform of their choosing and then have their numbers added to the grand total after the day was over.

Moving to GiveGab was an effort to make participation more seamless and the results more successful for all involved. "Because of GG's project management, we had the capacity to divert our staff attention to things like marketing and securing matching foundation dollars (these were things we didn't previously have time to do since we were too busy keeping a not so useful website updated)."

Kathleen told us that her favorite aspects of using GiveGab's giving platform for #ILGive were:

  • Project Management
  • Customer Service
  • Superior Technology
  • Donor Experience
  • Donation Flow

Favorite Features

When you host a Giving Day on GiveGab, you get your own project manager and team of people dedicated to making everyone involved successful. Built on modern and intuitive technology, we're also known for a great donor experience! We asked Kathleen to share her favorite features with us. "Casey Keller and Charlie Mulligan are rockstars of project management! We also loved the ability the have real time data – it was a real game changer for our campaign. And our nonprofits loved the leaderboards - they provided fuel to the fire and incentivized donors."

The Leaderboards for #ILGive 2016 featured organizations in order by most donations raised and most donors.

ILGIve Leaderboards

Giving Day Experience

Kathleen told us that her most positive experience from the Giving Day was hearing from their nonprofit members about how delighted they were by the experience and GiveGab's stellar customer service.

Awesome Results

Part of Forefront's mission is to increase individual giving in Illinois. They wanted to leverage digital fundraising tools and Giving Days in order to do this. GiveGab made it easier for donors to give, provided training to nonprofits on digital fundraising best practices, and drove new donors to those nonprofits.

"GiveGab built a beautiful giving experience for #ILGive that leveraged the latest technology and delighted both donors and nonprofits. Our success in this campaign is directly related to the incredible user experience and customer service provided by our partner, GiveGab."

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