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Nicole Cook, Director of Marketing & Participation for Cornell Annual Giving Programs, shared her experience hosting their third annual Giving Day on GiveGab's giving platform, Cornell Giving Day 2017.

About #CornellGivingDay

Cornell Giving Day was established to help secure new donors and reach international and young alumni populations.        

Platform Experience

According to Nicole, their favorite aspects of using GiveGab were the general ease of use and the individual campaign pages and profiles that participants could easily customize.  

"GiveGab was user-friendly, gave us more flexibility, and provided great customer service and hands-on support."

Favorite Features

When you host a Giving Day on GiveGab, you get your own project manager and a team of people dedicated to making everyone involved successful.  Built on modern and intuitive technology, we're also known for a great donor experience! We asked Nicole to share her favorite features with us:    

"We most enjoyed the ability to feature individual campaigns and profiles, and to count both donors and gifts."

Awesome Results

"Hosting this Giving Day brought our various stakeholders together towards a common goal and strengthened working relationships cross-functionally."

The Outcomes and Results for Cornell Giving Day 2017 showed amount raised both on the website and offline via donations that were made by cash or check, along with the number of donors reflected in the totals shown below. 

Screen Shot 2017-06-28 at 4.03.03 PM.png

"This year we secured approximately 1,400 new student and alumni donors and saw increases in both the young alumni and international donors on the Giving Day.  We were able to secure about 8,400 donors and $6.3 million." 

#CornellGivingDay Leaderboards

The Leaderboards for #CornellGivingDay featured departments or groups in order by most donations raised and most donors.   


The Department of Athletics and Physical Education topped the Cornell Giving Day Leaderboards for having the Most Raised and Most Donors in 24 hours! 

Screen Shot 2017-06-28 at 2.33.21 PM.png

Each campaign could be fully customized with images, videos, a story, giving levels, and more.  The Department of Athletics and Physical Education included a compelling video on their profile that can be seen here



Giving Day Experience

Nicole's favorite experience from the Giving Day was the customer support they received. 

"GiveGab had great customer support and was incredibly flexible in helping us meet our goals. They acted as true partners and shared in the ownership of our campaign."

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