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Elizabeth Rowley

The Community Foundation of Orange and Sullivan administers a charitable endowment consisting of over 200 separately identified funds primarily serving two Hudson Valley counties.

Elizabeth Rowley, Executive Director or the Community Foundation of Orange and Sullivan, shared her experience using GiveGab's Giving Day platform for Hudson Valley Gives (HVGives), a Giving Day for the Hudson Valley region of New York State.

Choosing GiveGab

Elizabeth’s primary complaints about other Giving Day platforms were the lack of customer service and marketing aids to help generate local awareness.

According to Elizabeth, GiveGab was different than other Giving Day platforms they had tried because, "[GiveGab has] friendly, reachable folks to help with issues or to assist getting organizations signed up and ready to go!"

Elizabeth also appreciated the “clean graphics and organized, informational website”. The site offered access to helpful how-to guides as well as promotional materials for nonprofits and HVGives ambassadors to promote the Day within the community including printable brochures, handouts, and graphics for social media.

Elizabeth’s all-time favorite feature was the Leaderboards, which helped to spark friendly competition amongst participating nonprofits throughout the day by displaying in real-time who was in the lead for taking home various bonus prizes!

One other thing that Elizabeth especially enjoyed was the ease of making a donation and said that her most positive experience using the platform was the ability to make multiple donations in a short period of time thanks to the saved credit card information functionality. Overall, the great donor experience that GiveGab provides is why Elizabeth would recommend them to others.

Awesome Results

According to Elizabeth, hosting a Giving Day helped the Community Foundation of Orange and Sullivan reach their goals by generating greater awareness of the work their foundation does in a very positive manner. They were also able to elevate funds for their own important operations, as well as for their affiliated nonprofits!

"Hosting Hudson Valley Gives generated positive awareness about our foundation and raised funds for us AND our affiliated nonprofits!"

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