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Scott McAninch

The Nonprofit Council of Texas is a membership organization comprised of the Executive Directors, Presidents and CEOs of 501c3 nonprofit organizations, nonprofit professionals, students and for-profit businesses in Bexar and surrounding counties.

Scott McAninch, Executive Director of The Nonprofit Council of Texas, shared his experience hosting their fourth annual Giving Day, The Big Give, on GiveGab's giving platform for #BigGive2017.

About #BigGive2017

The Big Give, previously known as The Big Give SA, was first initiated by The Nonprofit Council of Texas in 2013. Held annually on May 4th, the mission of this year's Giving Day was to reinstill confidence among community nonprofits following the unfortunate technology crash they experienced in 2016.

Choosing GiveGab

Before hosting The Big Give on GiveGab, Scott described their prior platform as:

  • Very plain and static
  • Not user-friendly for the participating nonprofits
  • Limited in ability to build custom pages

Switching to GiveGab was an effort to provide a secure and enjoyable fundraising experience for all participating.

Scott's favorite aspects of GiveGab's Giving Day platform for #BigGive included the individual nonprofit pages being super dynamic and the inclusion of champion pages for peer-to-peer fundraisers.

Favorite Features & Awesome Results

When you host a Giving Day on GiveGab, you get your own project manager and team of people dedicated to making everyone involved successful. Built on modern and intuitive technology, we're also known for a great donor experience! We asked Scott to share his favorite features with us. "It was easy to add copy and edit the site on our side, and the nonprofits were able to make their pages much more dynamic than our past site, which also did not have the champion page option which the nonprofits loved!"

"We had our largest day this year in amount raised and online donors to the site. almost 4.6 million total and 43,400 donors!" Big Give's Outcomes and Results showed amount raised both on the website and offline via donations that were made by cash or check, with the number of online donors reflected in the totals shown below.

Fundraising Results for








#BigGive2017 Leaderboards

The Leaderboards for #BigGive2017 featured organizations in order by most donations raised and most donors.


Basis Texas Schools topped the leaderboards for having the Most Raised with over $178k.


TracysDogs had the Most Donors, with over 1,500 people donating to their campaign.


Giving Day Experience

Scott's favorite experience from the Giving Day was hearing the positive feedback from their participating nonprofits!

The Nonprofit Council's goal this year was to instill confidence back in their nonprofit and donor community - coming off a major technology failure in 2016, Scott said it was make or break for their Giving Day this year, and the GiveGab platform helped them accomplish their goal.

"We will be using GiveGab again for our Giving Day site! From our end, not only is the website vastly better than our past site, but the customer service from the GiveGab team is outstanding! In our four years of hosting Big Give, we have never experienced the first rate customer service not only for our planning team but they extend that to our participating nonprofits. It is what I think sets GiveGab apart from any other Giving Day platform provider!"

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