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Your donors deserve a convenient and secure place to give back, and you deserve robust tools to manage your gifts.

GG pay is GiveGab’s modern and secure payment processor designed exclusively to collect and distribute donations quickly and efficiently online. Through a partnership with Stripe, GG Pay offers world-class fraud protection and customer service, allowing you to focus on engaging your supporters while ensuring the donation experience is enjoyable and seamless.

GG Pay

GG Pay Features

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With GG Pay, you can choose from a wide selection of payment options within our donation forms:

  • Debit & Credit Cards
  • ACH Payments
  • Donor-Advised Funds
  • eCards
  • Mobile Wallet: Apple Pay, Google Pay, & Microsoft Pay
  • PayPal & Venmo
  • And More!

Our Giving Day sites may also utilize a shopping cart feature to encourage donors to support multiple organizations at once.

With GGPay, your donations are routed directly to your bank account within 5-7 business days. Organization administrators can view the total payout amount and the estimated deposit dates for each donation within your financial dashboard.

GG Pay has custom AI-based fraud processes, including integration with Stripe Radar. This detects and blocks fraud through machine learning and algorithms that quickly adapt to changing fraud patterns.

In addition to these automated tools, we also implement several manual processes to protect against fraud.

Organizations using GiveGab to fundraise undergo an "X-point" verification process. This verification ensures our platform is used only by valid nonprofits and schools.

By taking ownership of this process, our platform users can be confident that all participating organizations are in good standing with the IRS and state and federal fundraising requirements. Organizations can update account information with support from our dedicated Customer Success team.

Learn more about our three-step process to become verified through GG Pay.

GG Pay support doesn't end once your organization becomes verified to fundraise on GiveGab.

Our expert Customer Success team:

  • Handles all disputes - reducing the risk of your organization losing valuable funds due to chargebacks.
  • Provides an added level of security - giving you the power to update your account information when needed.
  • Resolves failed payouts - ensuring you receive funds quickly.

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