World-Class Support at Your Fingertips

GG Chat is GiveGab’s automated help center and educational database, providing unparalleled support to anyone fundraising or donating through the platform. GG Chat is powered by GiveGab's passionate and talented team of Customer Success Champions through our exclusive integration with Intercom.

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Immediate Support

GiveGab’s Customer Success Champions and Chat Specialists respond to your questions in real-time during business hours.

For frequently asked questions and after business hours, GG Chat anticipates your questions and provides you with instant feedback through automated responses and support article suggestions.

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Educational Database

Through GG Chat, you can search our dynamic and extensive Help Center to find answers to your questions 24/7 and maximize your fundraising efforts through the GiveGab platform.

GG Chat also recommends blog articles to help take your digital fundraising to the next level.

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Continuous Account Support

Our Customer Success team prides itself on making the work of fundraising professionals as easy as possible. Of the many services we offer, our support team:

  • Handles all disputes, reducing the risk of your organization losing valuable funds due to chargebacks.
  • Works with your organization to resolve all failed payouts ensuring you receive funds quickly following the donation process.

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Donor & P2P Support

GG Chat is present on all donation flows to ensure that your donors and fundraisers are supported every step of the way.

With extended support during your giving event, you, your donors, and your peer-to-peer fundraisers are guaranteed the most pleasant online giving experience available.

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Branded Chat Options

All the benefits of GG Chat are made available to our fundraising partners across our various product lines.

As a premium feature, you can make GG Chat match your organization's branding by choosing a different color from the traditional GiveGab blue.

Check out the Giving is Gorges branded GG Chat to compare!

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