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Nik Shier

Fox Valley Literacy Council provides client-focused adult literacy education to those in the Fox Cities area.

Nik Shier, Volunteer and Communications Coordinator for Fox Valley Literacy Council shared her success story using GiveGab. Having never done online fundraising before, Nik described the benefits she experienced after switching to the GiveGab platform!

Choosing GiveGab

Nik first looked into using GiveGab after realizing the importance of having a secure way to accept online donations. Although they had an online donation option available on their website, Nik told us they were looking for more concentrated and measurable fundraising.

The Fox Valley Literacy Council team decided to give GiveGab a try because the platform came highly recommended as user-friendly and accessible.

"Not only is it easy to use, but GiveGab also supports the creative process with great advice. The e-mails are worth reading."

Awesome Results

Nik also told us that her favorite GiveGab feature is the built-in stewardship component, with various ways to thank donors.

We asked Nik to share her most positive experience using GiveGab so far: "GiveGab was great for our last-minute "Leap Day" campaign. Once a campaign is set up, it is really just about communicating the opportunity to donate, the progress, and thanking donors."

Nik shared with us how GiveGab helped Fox Valley Literacy Council go above and beyond their campaign goals: "We were able to raise enough for the new books we needed for our clients in one day, on one platform."

It was great to see this group achieve 101% of their fundraising goal!

Examples of a Campaign

Lastly, Nik told us that the primary reason why she would recommend GiveGab to other nonprofits was because:

"GiveGab is set up to work like we do. It lets us reach donors with a personal connection."

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