Enhanced Supporter Tracking

Premium Customer Relationship Tracking system engineered exclusively for nonprofits to effectivly engage their donors

Everything You Need. Nothing You Don't!

The goal of Customer Relationship Managment (CRM) is to help companies optimize and sustain positive relationships with consumers. Nonprofit organizations need this same process to facilitate building strong relationships with their supporters, but in a way that also helps them achieve their charitable missions by saving them precious time and resources.

GiveGab's Enhanced Supporter Tracking is built to help you better understand and engage your supporters, which is key to building long-term giving relationships. And because this feature is fully integrated with GiveGab's fundraising platform, all your data is centrally located, giving you more time to focus on what matters - helping your community.

Enhanced Supporter Tracking gives you:

  • Supporter Interaction History
  • View your supporters' donations, fundraising, volunteering, and sponsorship details at an individual level.

  • Notes
  • Keep track of important custom information about your donors, such as engagement frequency or contact preferences.

  • Offline Donation Attribution & Receipting
  • Manually enter donations made by cash or check and send customized emails with donation receipts to these offline supporters.

  • Custom Properties
  • Create searchable and sortable properties that you can then assign to your list of contacts to help keep all of them organized.

  • Custom Tags
  • Utilize tags to make adding descriptions and segmenting your contacts easier.

  • Search & Filter Supporters
  • Use keywords & tags to search for and reach out to a specific set of supporters to send the right message to the right people at the right time!