Elevate is a fundraising consulting service (included with the Advance Plan or as a separate service) that offers training, guidance, and support to help you grow your nonprofit’s online fundraising efforts using the GiveGab platform. Whether you’re completely new to online fundraising or just need a helping hand, our team will make sure you're on the path to success. 


What is included?

Our fundraising experts will help you set up your organization on the GiveGab platform, coach you throughout the duration of your campaign and help you cross the finish line. All of this, while also walking you through industry best practices and how to use the GiveGab tool to its full potential. We’ve got you covered.

  • What we do

  • Assigned Customer Success (CS) team member and Account Manager (AM) for personal 1-on-1 communications
  • Training for administrators at your organization on how to fully leverage the GiveGab platform so you’re proficient and confident in using the platform after the engagement is over
  • Full setup of your organization’s profile and campaign on GiveGab
  • Project planning guidance to launch your fundraising campaign
  • Implementation meetings with CS team to educate on best practices and strategies around your fundraising campaign
  • Unlimited direct email support with your CS team member
  • Check-ins throughout the duration of your campaign to review progress
  • Strategy call during final week of campaign to finalize any last efforts
  • A retrospective meeting at the end of your campaign to discuss what worked well and what can be done better next time


Why Elevate?

Every nonprofit can benefit from Elevate. With the ease and increasing popularity of making online donations, it's crucial that nonprofits make the most of their online fundraising efforts.


With Elevate, you’ll be assigned a Customer Success Team Member that is focused on helping you succeed. They’ll stick with you through the duration of your campaign and provide guidance along the way to ensure your campaign is moving forward, leaving you confident in how to proceed after the engagement.


How does Elevate work?

All consulting engagements begin with a kickoff call so that your assigned Customer Success Team Member can assess your fundraising needs. From there, they’ll help you set up your organization’s profile, fundraising campaign and provide administrative training to help you better understand the GiveGab platform.

The typical engagement for Elevate lasts 6-8 weeks in duration.


Who is Elevate for?

Any nonprofit, big or small, can benefit from Elevate. Whether you’re new to online fundraising, have limited time and are excited by the extra help to move your efforts forward, want more personalized training on the platform, or want to maximize the potential of your online fundraising strategy, we can help.


How do I request more information?

Schedule some time on this calendar to speak with a member of our Campaign Consulting Team to learn more about Elevate!