Giving Day Marketing Playbook

for Civic and Nonprofit Leaders

Engage your community, reach new supporters, and amplify the impact of your Giving Day with the marketing best practices, ideas, and examples outlined in the playbook!


What's in the Playbook?

Explore marketing strategies that you can begin implementing for your Giving Day right away! Topics covered in the playbook include: 

  • Social Media 
  • PR & Media Relations 
  • Promotion & Advertising 
  • Communications 
  • Community Engagement and Partnerships 

We support Giving Days for civic and nonprofit leaders of all types and sizes, and throughout the playbook, we showcase best-practices in action!

Launch a Giving Day with GiveGab!

GiveGab's Giving Day technology opens in-person and digital avenues for your community to learn about areas of greatest need, reach more donors, and join in a philanthropic movement that amplifies impact.  

Whether you are looking to raise awareness of your cause, advance equity, end a giving plateau, or support nonprofit capacity building, we will help you strategize and build a Giving Day to meet your goals.

Moving our Giving Day over to a virtual setting, making it easy to give, and making it easy for our champions to be able to digitally share and communicate really gave us the opportunity to reach a lot more people.
Kaycee Stenger
Senior Director of Marketing and Branding, United Way of Cass-Clay