Connect Your Community with a Giving Event

Be a leader of philanthropy by providing a modern and secure place for donors to support the causes that make your community thrive!

GiveGab's fundraising software is built to help Community Foundations, United Ways, Nonprofit Networks, and more, maximize awareness, engagement, and donations.


Community Fundraising Driving Success

Run a 24-hour (or longer) digital fundraising event! With GiveGab, we guarantee access to best-in-class technology, connections to a community of Giving Day leaders, and the project management team you deserve.

GiveGab Giving Day Sites Include:

  • Mobile-Responsive & Custom-Branded Design

  • Personalized Support

  • Modern Payment Options including Mobile Pay, PayPal, & Venmo

  • Dynamic Prizes & Leaderboards

  • Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

  • & More Premium Features!

GiveGab offers several solutions to cultivate relationships and collect donations year-round!

Including, custom-branded fundraising websites and embeddable white-label forms for fundraising, registrations, and RFIs (Requests For Information) that integrate directly onto your website. 

When a crisis hits, GiveGab's fundraising platform is flexible enough to help you spin up relief effort campaigns fast.
"With support from our vendor GiveGab, we were able to pivot quickly to convert our platform into an emergency relief site for our community."
- Scott McAninch, The Nonprofit Council

Build Capacity with GiveGab

“With a Giving Day we could do three things all at once even with limited resources - create more exposure for the Community Foundation’s mission, build the capacity of nonprofits, and generate new philanthropy in the region!”

- Tammy Flynn, Peninsula Community Foundation (Give Local 757!)

  • Average Year-Over-Year Growth on GiveGab

The Most Trusted Giving Platform

Customer Love Drives Us!

Our mission is to make it incredibly easy for our partners to be great fundraisers. We want you to love working with our team of experts and truly experience the joy of fundraising.

Whether you are looking to end a giving plateau, innovate your fundraising strategy, or need a sophisticated platform to make your Giving Day dreams come true, GiveGab is here to help!

The awesome team at GiveGab has helped us completely transform what Giving Tuesday looks like in our community over the last three years. Our GiveGab project managers have worked with us since the beginning and have become good friends as well as valued partners in our work!
Anna Moseley
United Way of Greater Knoxville