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Michelle Hoffman

Villa Park Public Library of Villa Park, Illinois, builds, connects, and partners with their community to encourage exploration and discovery. They nurture this growth through education, literacy, technology, and fun.

Michelle Hoffmann, Circulation/Outreach Associate for Villa Park Public Library, shared her online fundraising success story using GiveGab. Having never used an online fundraising platform in the past, Michelle expressed her increased satisfaction since using GiveGab!

Choosing GiveGab

Michelle was looking for tools to help her get the word out about the library's campaign. Some points of frustration she faced included donation collection and daily deposit of donation funds.

"I came across Tompkins County Public Library in Ithaca, NY and their Readathon. When I saw how much money they raised, I was blown away. This was exactly what we were looking for, a fundraiser with a small amount of overhead, an opportunity to get our community involved and the potential to raise funds. I contacted Liz Hudson and started a conversation with her and she led me to GiveGab."

Michelle shared how GiveGab helped her overcome challenges she was experiencing before: "Casey and Alyssa were our representatives, they were always available to help with any questions/concerns I had. Alyssa even set up a conference to help one of our fundraisers with a social media posting problem she was having. They were both very helpful in sending step-by-step directions and/or blog articles to handle any question I had, not to mention the many emails! I cannot say enough about these ladies and I look forward to working with them in the future."

To sum it up, Michelle really appreciated that, "GiveGab works so closely with us to make sure the format works for us."

The other reasons why Michelle chose to stick with GiveGab was, "the option to give donors the opportunity to pick up the GiveGab service fee was a big plus. Finally, we liked that GiveGab made daily deposits instead of holding all the donations until the end of the campaign."

When asked what her favorite GiveGab feature was: "The flexibility to make our page our own. Even though there are templates, there's the ability to add our own creative touch to reflect our Library."

Awesome Results

Michelle shared her most positive experience using GiveGab: "It was just the overall package. I loved that we can put our specific link out to EVERYONE, I love the look and feel of our page. We also like that our main page is there in the event of non-campaign donations."

When asked how GiveGab helped Villa Park Library reach their fundraising goals: "GiveGab was with us every step of the way, helping us set up our initial campaign, giving us ideas to help promote our campaign in the community and giving us social media contacts."

When asked why she would recommend GiveGab to other nonprofits, this was Michelle's response:

"The single biggest reason? Customer Service! There can be a great company out there with a great product/service, but if the customer service is below standards, it's not worth dealing with them. With GiveGab, you get the whole package: Great company, great product, great customer service. Casey and Alyssa were great, they truly believe in their company and more importantly, believe in the Villa Park Public Library!"

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