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J. Sadler Hayes II

Keith B. Hayes Foundation is a nonprofit organization that helps to support organizations and research for those afflicted by medical complications similar to those that Keith experienced.

J. Sadler Hayes II, President of the Keith B. Hayes Foundation, shared his fundraising success story using GiveGab. Having used an alternative online fundraising service before, J. Sadler described the many benefits he experienced after switching to GiveGab.

Choosing GiveGab

J. Sadler told us one of the issues he experienced before using GiveGab: "Other services did not account for offline donations to be included in the calculation."

"We needed a service dedicated to the nonprofit effort to fundraise and communicate with donors and volunteers."

When asked why he chose GiveGab, J. Sadler said: "I learned about GiveGab at a community foundation donor workshop - and was impressed by its capabilities."

When asked how GiveGab is different from the alternatives they tried, he said: "Easy to promote and make site personalized to the nonprofit and its campaign."

Awesome Results

GiveGab helped The Keith B. Hayes Foundation overcome challenges they had before: "Easy campaign set up and follow through - great way to follow the campaign's target, progress and results"

When it comes to GiveGab's variety of platform features, J. Sadler shared his favorite one: "The ability to add fundraising champions - and have them help promote and develop the campaign through their own contacts."

Fundraising Champions

Aaron shared with us his most positive experience using GiveGab so far: "Great way to promote and track the campaign's results."

When asked how GiveGab helped him achieve his goals for the foundation: "We were able to go above and beyond the original targeted goal - as well as to have many more donors than we originally expected. Also very easy to tie into Social Media...We achieved over 180% of the goal, as well as over 70 donors."

The primary reason why J. Sadler would recommend GiveGab to other nonprofits?

"GiveGab is a wonderful tool which offers a much broader, well rounded way/experience to reach donors, volunteers and champions of the nonprofit."

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