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Lesley Williamson

Saltonstall Foundation for the Arts is a nonprofit that provides a creative space by way of fully funded residencies for artists and writers to create art and literature!

Lesley Williamson, Director at Saltonstall Foundation for the Arts, shared her fundraising success story using GiveGab. Having done her own online fundraising in the past, Lesley expressed the many improvements since making the switch!

Choosing GiveGab

Lesley was looking for an easy way for supporters to make a gift online. She was lacking an attractive, customizable and user-friendly interface and there was no easy and convenient way for her to track donors and capture their information.

"Our online fundraising presence was almost nonexistent."

One of the things Lesley loves about using GiveGab is being able to customize their fundraising pages to look like they're a part of their own website. "I loved the flexibility of being able to create multiple campaigns. The interface is super user-friendly, clean, and beautiful."

Learning of a local fundraising effort through GiveGab called Giving is Gorges helped inspire Lesley to try it out for herself. This was the motivating factor to get her nonprofit's toes in the online fundraising waters.

For Lesley, there are many things to love about GiveGab: "It was easy to set-up, customize, and manage on our end; easy for donors to give; easy to share campaigns, etc. You also have great customer service."

"When you're a small organization with limited funds and limited staff and time, it's such a gift to find a resource that doesn't feel like a burden, but that actually makes you look better AND helps raise money. It's a miracle!"

Regarding her favorite features on GiveGab: "I like the graphs that chart a campaign's success. I think they're inspiring to the donor -- being able to see their donation change that number/percentage -- and inspiring to the organization, too, like an immediate and visual acknowledgement of success. (One hopes!)"

Awesome Results

Lesley used GiveGab to participate in a local Day of Giving, Giving is Gorges, with incredible results. Focusing a community's attention and giving dollars through this Day of Giving, she said, was super effective and they received donations from members of the community who had never given to Saltonstall before.

"The Giving is Gorges campaign fully funded a new teachers residency in 2016, allowing us to serve teachers from all the rural districts in Tompkins County for the first time."

When asked why she would recommened GiveGab to other nonprofits, Lesley said:

"Because asking for money has never looked so good or been so easy. Finally -- an organization that understands!"

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