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Anna Caron, Startup Coordinator for Old Sol Music Hall, shared her online fundraising success story using GiveGab. Having never used an online fundraising platform before, Anna expressed her excitement using GiveGab for NH Gives Day, New Hampshire's first statewide Day of Giving.

Old Sol Music Hall experienced incredible success by participating in NH Gives for their very first fundraising campaign!

Before GiveGab

Being a young organization, Anna told us that participating in NH Gives was Old Sol's first time pursuing online fundraising.  Although they had never used an online fundraising tool previously, she shared that they had "used online giving platforms for other online fundraising campaigns and were extremely impressed with the functionality of GiveGab from the start!"

Making the Switch

Choosing to participate in NHGives, Old Sol's campaign was automatically powered by GiveGab, but one of the reasons they were so keen on going forward with building a campaign was because they "were impressed with the GiveGab interface."

Anna also expressed how pleased they were with the "easy-to-setup giving levels" (or donation tiers) that allowed them to provide clear descriptions of where incoming donations would be spent. 

"Because our campaign was focused on offsetting the cost of supplies needed for a meal packaging event, we were able to easily equate dollars for meals, which made the meaning of a gift abundantly apparent to our generous donors."

When asked what the most positive experience using GiveGab was, Anna told us:  

"NH Gives Day was our first experience with GiveGab, but it was certainly a positive one! Because we secured our fiscal sponsor just one day before NH Gives, we needed to maximize our outreach on the day of the campaign and the user- and admin-friendly features within the GiveGab platform allowed us to do exactly that."

Anna told us that GiveGab helped them achieve their goals by helping them to "educate people, near and far, about the unique vision for Old Sol Music Hall and gain our community's support."

"GiveGab's platform provides the space and easy-to-do formatting tools to help our vision shine." 

Awesome Results

Anna shared Old Sol Music Hall's campaign results:  

  • On NH Gives Day, Old Sol Music Hall raised over $5,000 through GiveGab and offline donations.
  • This $5,000 offset the cost of dry ingredients used during our first ever Summer Serve-a-thon and Concert to package over 20,000 meals.
  • These meals were donated to hunger alleviation programs in the Manchester area.
  • Anna shared, "In addition to donations from our supporters, Old Sol also received $2,600 in cash prizes for our success in the campaign, which helped offset the cost of the celebratory concert after the Serve-a-thon."


When asked why she would recommend GiveGab to other nonprofits, this was Anna's response:

"GiveGab is straightforward and attractive. What else can you ask for in a giving platform?"

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