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Kerry Barnes, Director of Development and Community Relations at Longview, shared her fundraising success story using GiveGab. Having done her own online fundraising in the past, Kerry told us of the many improvements since switching to GiveGab!

Longview, an Ithacare Community, raised the funds they needed on GiveGab.

Before GiveGab

Kerry was looking for an easy way to share her nonprofit's story; something she couldn't do by simply using a PayPal account to collect online donations. She felt that other platforms were, "clunky, have a very 'blah' interface, with not much flexibility. They didn't help us "sell" our story at all."

Making the Switch

Kerry said that putting their fundraising page together opened her eyes to the options she'd have using GiveGab for their ongoing online giving as well as for special events, like their local Day of Giving.

The top reasons why Kerry chose GiveGab for her online fundraising were,

"The ability to really tell our story with photos and quotes and customize the giving experience. It looked a zillion times better than our previous online giving page and the donor experience was significantly better- warmer, more personalized, better reflection of who we are."

Regarding her favorite feature on GiveGab Kerry told us,

"My favorite feature is the ability to customize; to really make it OUR page, not just another template."

Awesome Results

Kerry initially used GiveGab to participate in a local Day of Giving, Giving is Gorges, and has continued to use it ever since!

"We're better able to present ourselves to not only current donors who are wary of online giving, but reach new donors as well. This is very important for our organization at this stage in the game."

"Thanks to GiveGab, we've received more online donations in 2015 than we had TOTAL in all years past!"

Compared to the alternatives, Kerry had this to say about what makes GiveGab different:

"PHOTOS! So important for us to show, not just tell. GiveGab is also colorful, easy to use, and has lots of options for donors. It was easy to customize on my end as well. And the support has been simply perfect!"

When asked why she would recommened GiveGab to other nonprofits, Kerry said,

"GiveGab has fantastic people to work with. They've got immediate and helpful support, enabling us to join the modern age of fundraising and look good doing so!"

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