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Erin Grunze

League of Women Voters of Wisconsin, in collaboration with local Leagues in 18 communities across the state, encourages citizens to be informed and actively participating in government.

Erin Grunze, Voter Education Coordinator for LWVWI, shared her experience using GiveGab's giving platform for her participation in The Big Share 2017!

Choosing GiveGab

WLI was first introduced to GiveGab through their participation in The Big Share 2017, a Giving Day established by Community Shares of Wisconsin for their member nonprofits.

This Giving Day was hosted by an alternative technology provider in the past, which Erin told us didn't allow for tracking matching gifts and merging offline gifts made by cash or check with donations made online. She also shared that the old platform wasn't as user-friendly as GiveGab, was difficult to edit and populate, and had inferior metrics.

"The GiveGab platform is an integrated giving platform designed exclusively for nonprofits, which means it includes a variety of tools for fundraising, marketing, supporter engagement, donor management, and more!"

Erin expressed what she loved the most about using GiveGab for The Big Share: "[GiveGab was] fun to use, editing and populating was easy, the interface looked great, and the support was excellent."

User Experience & Awesome Results

Not only was the GiveGab platform easy and fun for Erin to use, but she also expressed that the experience helped her organization fundraise, reach new donors, and alert existing supporters about another giving opportunity. GiveGab also made sharing their giving profile easy.

LWVWI achieved incredible success during The Big Share, raising over $11,700 in one day! "[We saw a] 17% increase in the number of donors and 71% increase in total money raised."

LWV Campaign

Participating in The Big Share on GiveGab helped LWV of Wisconsin meet their yearly fundraising goal and increase their online presence.

We asked Erin to provide her final thoughts about using GiveGab for The Big Share 2017:

"GiveGab's customer service and easy to navigate web page for our Giving Day allowed us to keep our attention on our plan to attract contributions rather than worrying if the website was going to work."

Fundraising Results for

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