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Melissa Turlip, President for Junior Achievement of NEPA, shared her online fundraising success story using GiveGab. Having used an alternative online fundraising platform in the past, Melissa expressed her increased satisfaction since switching to GiveGab! 

How Junior Achievement of NEPA Got the Fundraising Results they always wanted with GiveGab. 

Before GiveGab

Melissa was looking for a platform that was more affordable to use and that her team could customize more!  She knew she needed to try something new when:  

"We met with a GiveGab team member and they showed us all of the functions of GiveGab, and it was a great fit for our needs. We're able to create different campaigns with different focus areas quickly and efficiently."

Melissa shared her top reasons for choosing GiveGab:

"The customer service is outstanding. Also, the ease of creating campaigns."

Making the Switch

Melissa shared how GiveGab helped her overcome challenges she was experiencing before:

"Giving prospective donors or event attendees a link to click on to make donations or buy tickets to events without having to create special accounts is great for us. Also, it's more current and secure than having donors call us to make donations by credit card."

When asked how GiveGab is different from the alternative platforms they've tried, Melissa said that GiveGab is:  

"Simple, fun, easy to set up and easy for people to donate."

When asked what her favorite GiveGab feature was:

"My favorite feature is the ability to create any number of campaigns we want with a variety of themes."

Awesome Results

Melissa shared her most positive experience using GiveGab:  

"We were trying to raise money to purchase new furniture for the student area of our education center, and GiveGab worked great. I was able to use the funds to buy new chairs and a new desk set for our students, and we would not have been able to accomplish this without our Furniture & Fixtures Fund campaign through GiveGab."

When asked how GiveGab helped them reach their fundraising goals:

"By giving donors the option to make online donations, we are able to sell more event tickets and raise funds for our special projects. We may not have received these donations if people had to write out a check and mail it to us."

"GiveGab has made fundraising easier for us by avoiding postage costs and the time spent processing checks. The funds go directly into our bank account and are readily available for our projects. By saving time and paper, we are saving money and using our donor dollars where they are most needed: providing programs for kids."

When asked why she would recommened GiveGab to other nonprofits:

"To put it simply, it's easy. Setting up the account is easy, creating the campaigns is easy, and connecting with donors is easy. We are thrilled with the results we have had and will continue to use GiveGab for all of our online fundraising needs."

How Can GiveGab Help You?