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Deanna Spiotta, Office Manager at Healthy Baby Network, shared her fundraising success story using GiveGab. Having used an alternative online fundraising platform in the past, Deanna revealed her increased success after making the switch!

Healthy Baby Network Finds a More Affordable Platform with GiveGab

Before GiveGab

Deanna was looking for a platform that was less costly to use.  

"With our previous platform, we were not happy with the fee percentage being taken from donations."   

Making the Switch

Deanna told us that the affordability was the primary reason they made the switch:   

"The fee percentage on GiveGab is low and it's for nonprofits only."

When asked about her favorite features on GiveGab Deanna said:   

"I like the donation levels that we can include. They help us inform people of the work that we do."

She also told us how GiveGab helped Healthy Baby Network overcome their prior challenges:

"It's easier to get the money transferred to our bank account and easier to share our fundraising efforts and campaigns."

Awesome Results

Deanna shared her most positive experience using GiveGab: 

"It is most helpful when soliciting donations because it's easy to share with people."

Here's how GiveGab helped Healthy Baby Network reach their goals:  

"GiveGab has helped us fundraise for our Outreach Team and events that we sponsor throughout the year... We have been able to increase the amount of funding that we receive through donations."

When asked why she would recommened GiveGab to other nonprofits, Deanna said:  

"It was great to meet with someone in person and discuss tips and strategies on how to fundraise most effectively." 

How Can GiveGab Help You?