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Lor LeVar Pierce

Columbus Choral Society is a nonprofit organization that provides opportunities for adults and youth to enjoy high quality choral concerts!

Lori LeVar Pierce, Treasurer for the Columbus Choral Society, shared her online fundraising success story using GiveGab. Having never done online fundraising in the past, Lori told us how much things have improved since they started using GiveGab!

Choosing GiveGab

Lori was looking for a cost effective way to reach out to potential supporters within her community and to keep track of incoming donor information. Using GiveGab to participate in the Mississippi Day of Giving helped Lori realize they needed to try something new:

"We tried this platform as part of the Mississippi Day of Giving in 2015. This was a brand new opportunity and unproven, but we were looking for any avenues to reach new donors."

"GiveGab was selected by the Mississippi Day of Giving, but I was very pleased by the ease of creating our online presence at GiveGab and the variety of options to add information to our web page. I felt that I was really able to tell our story in a compelling way given the tools GiveGab made available."

Lori shared how GiveGab helped her overcome challenges she was experiencing before: "This platform allowed us to make the process of tax deductible donations seamless. Our donors could donate online to us but CREATE processed the online donations behind the scenes. This was a great benefit to us because the process for our donors is much simpler to qualify for tax deduction."

When asked what her favorite GiveGab feature was: "The ease of donation - even with a credit card!"

Awesome Results

Lori shared her most positive experience using GiveGab: "We were able to marshall our choir members to encourage donations during a time frame when prizes were offered by the Mississippi Day of Giving organization. In doing this and focusing our efforts to target a specific prize, we were able to increase by 50% the money we earned in one day thanks to the prize money we won."

When asked how GiveGab helped them reach their fundraising goals, ""We are in a better financial position now than ever before in our organization's seven year history! It allows us to pursue musical options we were hesitant to undertake before."

"With a normal fund balance of less than $5,000, we were able to raise almost $6,000 in one day (from a combination of donations and prize money) using the GiveGab platform."

When asked why she would recommened GiveGab to other nonprofits, this was Lori's response:

"Ease of use."

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