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Jon Drewsen

Clean Wisconsin is a nonprofit whose mission is to protect and preserve Wisconsin's clean water, air, and natural heritage.

Jon Drewsen, Communications Associate for Clean Wisconsin, shared his experience using GiveGab's giving platform for his team's participation in The Big Share 2017!

Choosing GiveGab

Clean Wisconsin was introduced to GiveGab through their participation in The Big Share 2017, a Giving Day established by Community Shares of Wisconsin for their member nonprofits.

This wasn't their first time participating in this Giving Day, although it's the first year GiveGab's giving platform hosted it. When asked about their prior technology provider, Jon shared with us: "Our old platform was cluttered and not user-friendly, on both the administrative and public-facing sides."

User Experience

Because their day was hosted on an entirely different giving platform in the past, we asked Jon for insights into which features were the most helpful and impressive to him and his team.

Jon shared what he liked most about using GiveGab for The Big Share: "We were able to engage not only our member base, but also capture new members and reconnect with lapsed members. I credit that to the simplicity and clean look of the Give Gab page, which we were able to easily integrate video and our own look."

Jon summarized his experience using the GiveGab platform:

  • Easy to build
  • Easy to navigate (especially on the back-end)
  • Clean look for donors
  • Updated donations in real-time
  • Instant donor feedback through comments
  • Simple and straightforward donor data export after the day

"Being able to view donors' comments enabled us to thank them throughout the day, and it played into our social media plan the day of the event. Exporting donor information after the Giving Day was simple and straightforward."

Favorite Features & Awesome Results

Out of all the amazing Giving Day features that GiveGab provides, Jon listed out his favorites:

  • Video integration
  • Set value donation buttons
  • Real-time comments
  • Ability to enter in matches and off-line donations to count towards the giving day total

The ability to enter in offline donations (those made my cash, check, or online channel outside of The Big Share) allowed Clean Wisconsin to appeal to a variety of donors to meet their desires, as well as keep track of offline donations and keep tabs on their progress throughout the day.

Clean Wisconsin more than doubled their fundraising goal for The Big Share!

The Big Share

With a goal of $12,000, Clean Wisconsin raised over $26,000 in 24 hours!

When asked to provide his final thoughts about his experience using GiveGab, Jon told us:

"GiveGab is easy to use, and it helped us to meet and exceed our fundraising goal for our Giving Day. The many features were insightful and intuitive, and helped us to attract and appeal to donors as well as track our progress throughout the day. We are sure to use it again in the future for other Giving Days."

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