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Aaron Pearlman

B'nai B'rith Camp of Beaverton, Oregon, is a Jewish community camp for people of all ages whose mission is to provide services that help strengthen community development.

Aaron Pearlman, Director of Development for B'nai B'rith Camp (BB Camp), shared his success story participating in a local Day of Giving, Oregonians Give. Having used alternative online fundraising platforms in the past, Aaron shared his positive experience using GiveGab.

Choosing GiveGab

Before being introduced to GiveGab through participation in #OregoniansGive 2016, BB Camp had used alternative fundraising platforms for both Giving Days and day-to-day fundraising.

Aaron shared that his previous platform didn't waive platform fees on #GivingTuesday the way GiveGab did and took several weeks to distribute funds to them, unlike GiveGab who distributes funds within 24-48 hours.

"We were very impressed with how quickly (2-day turnaround) we received the funds donated through the site."

User Experience

Aaron liked that GiveGab had a relationship with #OregoniansGive as their technology partner because this helped his donors feel like they were part of a larger giving movement, beyond BB Camp.

"It is very helpful when doing a day of giving to have a website that is easy to use for the end-user and the organization," Aaron told us.

"With GiveGab everything was easy to set-up, to make changes and updates, and it was a simple process for our donors. We had some concerns and questions, and we always received a prompt response."

Aaron shared that communication through GiveGab was faster and more polite than with other platforms. Having waived fees for #GivingTuesday and an easy-to-use interface were additional benefits he didn't experience before.

"GiveGab's user interface was slick and provided many ways to share pictures of our camp."

B'nai B'rith Camp got creative with their donation levels by incorporating photos:

"There are many features that are just plain necessary, like being able to add off-line donations, being able to track a matching gift, tracking toward a goal, and having the ability to upload photos and videos. The best aspect for #GivingTuesday was the relationship with #OregoniansGive as it provided a larger platform which we were part of," Aaron told us.

Awesome Results

Participating in #OregoniansGive through GiveGab helped BB Camp surpass their overall fundraising budget and ability to have enough funds for camperships. With the support of a matching gift and their various outreach efforts, BB Camp raised over $45,000 from 211 donors, surpassing their fundraising goal by 12%!

"The GiveGab platform is an excellent way to raise dollars for a Giving Day. They are helpful and responsive, they care about your bottom line, and they provide the end-user with a great experience! They helped our organization increase our fundraising on #GivingTuesday significantly."

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