GiveGab Branding Guidelines

Design Principles

GiveGab utilizes all of its design principles to create amazing products as well as an excellent user-experience. They guide us in our design choices and overall brand.

Unity: GiveGab designs and interfaces make use of GiveGab’s official guidelines which provide a basis for a unified and consistent experience across mediums.

User-Focus: We design for our users, not for ourselves. Our aim is to create user-friendly, appealing, and delightful solutions that attract customers and help them to easily accomplish their goals. We value client feedback as a way to improve and grow our products. Our designs are flexible and evolve over time to meet client needs and changes in target demographics.

Craftsmanship: GiveGab produces designs that are high quality, well-crafted, and thoughtful. We care about details and improve our designs through research, feedback, collaboration, iteration, and fine-tuning. We take ownership of what we create and only deliver solutions we’re proud of.

Simplicity & Cleanliness: GiveGab designs make good use of white space, clean lines, and a simple color palette. We strive against cluttered interfaces in favor of focused-design that reduces visual and cognitive strain whenever possible.

GiveGab Logos & Icons

Accepted Variations

Logos & Acceptable Backgrounds

GiveGab logos on white background
GiveGab logos on dark blue background
logo on gray background

Unacceptable Use of Logo

Unacceptable use of logo

Brand Colors

Primary Colors




Secondary Colors





Background Colors




Fonts & Type Styles


Proxima Nova Bold

Museo Slab 500


Proxima Nova Regular Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Morbi ac imperdiet nunc, eu ultrices quam. Sed feugiat id lacus vitae laoreet. Suspendisse vestibulum mi ut mollis accumsan. Interdum et malesuada fames ac ante ipsum primis in faucibus. Fusce imperdiet metus bibendum sem sagittis iaculis.


Proxima Nova Bold




Proxima Nova Bold


Proxima Nova Bold

Proxima Nova Bold Hover


Proxima Nova Medium


“Proxima Nova Medium Italic Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur.”

-Proxima Nova Bold,

Proxima Nova Medium

Images & Icons

Quality: GiveGab always uses high-quality images on its materials. No grainy, pixelated images allowed! We also help to educate our nonprofit partners on best practices for obtaining and using high-quality images.

Realistic: We choose candid-looking photos over cheesy, posed-looking ones. The content and subjects within our photos are relatable and should speak to or represent our target demographics.

Accesible: On the web, we keep our images of good quality, at an appropriate size for the screen size, swap out large images for small ones for mobile devices, and include alt tags.

Approved image type 1
Approved image type 2
Not approved image type 1
Not approved image type 2


Borders: If borders are used, they are generally GiveGab light gray and kept at about 3px.

Additional Decoration: Dots and circles, in GiveGab light blue and orange, are used to emphasize an image and provide a more dynamic layout.

Filters: Filters are used to allow text over the image to be readable. We use black or GiveGab dark blue at a low opacity so that the text is still legible and accessible.

Acceptable border
Acceptable additional decoration
Acceptable filter