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Your Best Post-Giving Day Fundraising Strategy

You’ve participated in a Giving Day on GiveGab and raised a little (or a lot of) money.  So, what do you do now to best leverage your fundraising results?

The following are some best practices we’ve seen leveraged by some of our most successful organizations to help translate the Giving Day energy you’ve generated with your board and supporters into raising funds and engaging with them year-round.

Personalized Thank You Messages

All of your Giving Day donors were automatically sent donation receipts with a “thank you” message attached, but have you sent personalized “thank you” messages, especially to the donors who have made larger gifts?

Letting your donors know how they’ve made an impact is a great way to encourage repeat gifts and create a lasting relationship.  Be sure to reach out to those select donors again to say “thank you” in a more meaningful way.

For more advice on how to do this, read How to Create a Compelling Thank You Email.

Unlimited Customizable Campaigns

Are you planning any fundraising events or campaigns in the next few months? GiveGab lets you build an unlimited number of customizable campaigns and events that are available to you year-round. And it’s as easy to set up as your Giving Day profile was, with no limits on how many you can create or what you can accomplish.

Looking for inspiration? Here’s a list of 100 Fundraising Ideas.

Donor Management

How are you managing the donors from your Giving Day?  Did you know that GiveGab has a donor management tool, called Engage Donor CRM, that allows you to organize your donors, collect giving histories and pull insights to better engage with them?

We know that your work as a nonprofit professional can be challenging, so the primary function of our platform is to not only simplify important aspects of your job but to make it fun, too!

When you fully utilize GiveGab, all your donor data is one place, you can run unlimited events and campaigns to raise funds, you can manage unlimited supporters and donors, have unlimited administrators, AND manage your Giving Day profiles!