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Three Reasons Why Year-Round Communication is Vital to Fundraising

Newsletters and other year-round communications are an effective way to stay connected with your supporters and direct their involvement where it is most needed. Here we’ve outlined a few ways to use your newsletter to help you fundraise at all times of the year.

1. Your newsletter provides clear ways to get involved

A well-organized and well-timed newsletter allows you to connect with your supporters by providing regular touchpoints throughout the year. Perhaps most importantly, your newsletter emphasizes all the different ways that your supporters can help your organization, even in between major fundraising events.

For example, if your organization typically does a lot of fundraising in the spring and participates in a giving day on or around Giving Tuesday, you might identify the summer and winter months as times when there are lulls in fundraising. You can use your newsletter to advertise opportunities to get involved in those months, by asking for volunteers for summer or winter projects, or by encouraging supporters to donate to or promote a specific cause on social media. This could also be a good time to seek out new board or committee members as you work to plan your upcoming month or year.

2. Your newsletter highlights fun seasonal projects

Taking the time of year into account can help you make your newsletter more interesting and exciting for your supporters to read. You can host a small, seasonally appropriate event for donors or volunteers such as a luncheon in the park on a summer day, or a Halloween costume party for humans or pets. Fun opportunities like these help you change up your calls to action in an interesting way and keep supporters engaged and looking forward to what the next month’s or next quarter’s update will bring.

You’ll want to make sure that the look and feel of each newsletter match the events and activities you’re promoting, and embellish them with relevant photos and videos.

3. Your newsletter helps you maintain your relationships with supporters

You can use regular communications to facilitate your stewardship plan with your new and existing supporters. Add in success stories and project updates to make donors, volunteers, and board members proud of what you’ve accomplished together and to continue to motivate them to support you.

Recognition of specific donors, volunteers, or benefactors is another way to make your newsletter positive, exciting, and relatable for all readers. When you help supporters to feel that they are a part of your organization’s mission and are the heroes responsible for helping you achieve your goals, you are helping to ensure their continued support!

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