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Top 5 Fundraisers for Fall School Fundraising

Once school is in full swing and summer comes to a close, it’s time for an exciting time of the year: fall school fundraising season.

It can be more than a little overwhelming to narrow down the seemingly endless fundraising options available and select a fundraiser that works for your school, students, faculty, and community.

That’s where the infographic below comes in. It was compiled by researching a comprehensive list of fundraising ideas for schools and a collection of product fundraising ideas. Take a look at the information included and let it help you steer your planning.

Once you’ve made your selection, don’t forget to study up with this handy guide: 8 Steps to Planning a Fundraising Event.

What are you waiting for? Read through the list below and make sure to share it with those who would find it helpful!

School Fundraising

The post on fall school fundraising was contributed by Booster.