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Why You Need Integrated Software Designed Exclusively for Nonprofits

Why does today’s nonprofit require integrated software that’s designed exclusively for nonprofits?  Quite simply, to help them be more efficient, which benefits everyone!

Nonprofits are continuously asked to do more with less, and often with hand-me-down tools.  They’re also evaluated primarily on their overhead rate, which is how much it costs them to bring in revenue (fundraising, grants, etc).  The overhead rate, therefore, is a measure of efficiency.

Without the right resources (tools and people), nonprofits are destined to remain in a vicious cycle of inefficiency. Integrated software designed exclusively for nonprofits helps break that cycle, or at least gives nonprofits the tools needed to help them break it.

Having a website was the minimum requirement 15 years ago (“web 1.0”), and many nonprofit websites have changed very little since then.  Some might have a “donate now” button that is typically hard to find and is hardly used by donors.  When it is, the experience is not engaging.  That is not online fundraising!

Modern websites (“web 2.0”) are visually appealing, simple, intuitive and engaging.  Clean and simple is what users of any website demand!  

Nonprofits use a variety of tools to engage their supporters:

And in the past few years have also added:

These are typically standalone tools that don’t integrate or talk with each other.  That’s inefficiency at its core!

Why is it this way?

All of these tools were developed for other uses or users and have been forced to fit for nonprofits (i.e., “hand-me-down tools”).  Very few companies have created these tools specifically for the needs of nonprofits and integrated them together as they should be.

Nonprofits benefit from tools that help make their jobs easier and output from those tools that allow them to engage more, raise more, and ultimately do more to help their mission.  This is what integrated online software like GiveGab helps nonprofits accomplish every day!

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