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There’s More to Giving Days Than Raising Money

Giving Days are described as 24-hour fundraising or “giving” events that are dedicated to nonprofit organizations, but they can offer so much more to everyone involved than just raising money!

When your nonprofit signs up to participate in a Giving Day, you’re joining forces with many (sometimes upwards of hundreds or thousands) of other not-for-profit organizations and their supporters.  A Giving Day is about recognizing and celebrating the life-changing work that’s being done by nonprofits like yours every day.  And best of all, it gets community members involved in philanthropy in a more unified and exciting way!

Due to the time constraints inherent with any Giving Day, the result is often elevated marketing and news coverage about the event and a corresponding upsurge in donations within that limited timeframe.  These giving events get many people excited by developing a sense of urgency and heightening awareness about multiple causes that are related in one way or another.

Some of the many benefits that come with participating in a Giving Day are:

  • Increased Visibility for your Nonprofit
  • Use of Robust, Modern Fundraising Software (at little or no cost!)
  • More Donors made Aware of your Cause
  • Collective Philanthropy around the Day
  • Enhanced Reputation as a Trusted Not-for-profit Organization
  • Giving and Donor Data to help you Strategize for Future Efforts!

Nonprofit organizations who have participated in Giving Days in the past will often attest to the excitement surrounding the day and the satisfaction they felt with how much they were able to raise on a single day of giving.  This is why most who participate say they will do so again in the future and recommend that other nonprofits do the same!

To learn more about the power of Giving Days and how to be successful as a nonprofit participant, download our free eBook, The Ultimate Guide to Giving Day Success: