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The Gab – A New Way for Volunteers to Communicate

We’ve been talking about giving volunteers and volunteer managers a better way to communicate on GiveGab for some time now. We got around to it in Release 41, and it’s called “The Gab”. Volunteers who are used to other social networks will find it intuitive.

It is displayed right in the center of the dashboard when you log in, you really can’t miss it. Our newsfeed has been moved from this spot, and that now can be found in the upper right of the dashboard. Basically, The Gab is an aggregate feed of the comments and pictures posted on GiveGab. You will see posts that others make on their own walls, and posts that are made to the walls of nonprofits and communities you belong to. 


Once your post has been made. Others can join in the discussion by commenting on it. Comments are displayed in a thread, so that the discussion can be viewed chronologically.


Our development team has done a lot of tweaking to get The Gab to perform better. Comments are loaded asynchronously, this makes the page load faster and the comments get displayed with a soothing waterfall effect. You’ll have to log in and check it out to get the full effect.

This is our first go at this feature. We will be adding to it in each successive release. Let us know what you’d like to see by leaving feedback here. Thanks!