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The Difference Between Campaigns and Events

At first glance, it can be difficult to differentiate between campaigns and events. But there are key factors that separate the two.

So, what are the main differences between an event and campaign?


Events will have a registration process. There can be a cost associated with this or a simple request for the participant’s information. There can also be many registration types within an event.

The Difference Between Campaigns and Events

Example: Fundraising Event for Women Build Weekend 2018!

You can also incentivize your supporters to register, while collecting even more funds, by selling your organization’s swag items within the registration such as t-shirts, water bottles, mugs, sunglasses, bandanas, socks and any other cool stuff your organization may have! You can also sell raffle tickets!

The events function also has a date, place, and time tied to it. Examples of this would be a walk-a-thon, festival, 5K, gala, ext.



Campaigns are typically longer running fundraisers. They can be to raise funds for a new building, quarterly budgets, food for a soup kitchen, scholarships, sponsorships and more!

Within campaigns, it is often easier to tie donations to a tangible effect.

You can set up donation levels that show donors where their dollars will go.

The Difference Between Campaigns and Events
Example: Screenshot from TracysDogs’ giving profile for Big Give 2017

Campaigns and events are powerful fundraising tools and when wielded right can make all the difference to your organization.

Our platform is geared to maximize impact for the exclusive and shared attributes of both. Check out our event and campaign features to find helpful tools that can improve your fundraising capabilities.

If you have any further questions on this topic, write into our customer success team using the Blue Chat Bubble on the bottom right corner of any GiveGab page. They are waiting with helpful info and hilarious gifs!

Happy Fundraising!

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