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The Art of Giving: A #GivingTuesday Celebration

Did you know that giving not only makes the giver happier but it also physically affects the brain by lighting up the same regions that show pleasure when eating chocolate or viewing something beautiful?  It’s true!  Giving is something that our brain looks forward to.


Giving is defined as the intentional transfer of ‘something’ to ‘someone’.  When we can freely choose where to place our possessions – money, time, energy – the process of giving becomes a more meaningful experience for the giver and the receiver.

How can we make the act of donating a pleasurable experience for the donor?  How can we make the act of fundraising pleasurable for the nonprofit?  Let’s look at the process as a work of art and build a gallery of fine design!


1. Choose the Right Venue

#GivingTuesday offers the perfect gallery to display your fundraising piece.  It is a popular venue that attracts viewers and is recognized globally.  It is so easy to find that your audience doesn’t have to leave their house.  Keep in mind that this show can run for multiple nights.  Make this a month-long campaign and use #GivingTuesday as the opening night for the holiday giving season.


2.  Find the Right Artist

Who develops the best piece?  That will be the person at your organization who tells the best story.  It is not always the case that the executive director or the 20-year employee is the best narrator to paint the picture.  You may have a new volunteer whose experience in the field paints the brightest picture, or a client whose personal vision can be best shared.


3.  Select Your Medium

Not all pieces are crafted with paint.  In other words, your message does not have to come in one form.  Select images, video, and facts that make your picture clear.  Help your supporters understand exactly what is is that you are fundraising for.  Paint a picture they can’t ignore.

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4.  Determine the Size of Your Canvas

Murals can be beautiful, but pearls can be carved with such intricacy that it is mystifying. You can certainly fundraise for your organization as a whole, but why not fundraise for that special thing that you do? Find that gem of a program that differentiates you from other nonprofits and then reveal how it helps to make your community more beautiful.

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5.  Find Promoters

Now that everything is in place, who can help you spread the word?  Sure you’re going to ask everyone to spread the word, but who are the select few who always have your back?  This highly engaged team will be your ambassadors who will actively pursue an audience to ensure the success of your show.

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If you have put thought and craft into all components of your fundraising campaign, then you can expect donors to see the difference and make the ‘opening’ a success.  Your organization will have shared the beauty of what is does in the community and your donors will be happy to give in order to see your collection of stories grow!