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Wichita Falls Area Celebrates Texoma Gives 2018

Texoma Gives 2018

On September 13, 2018, the Wichita Falls area celebrated their local giving event, Texoma Gives 2018! 

Hosted by the Witchita Falls Area Community Foundation and powered by GiveGab, the mission of this annual giving day event is to grow philanthropy in Texoma and surrounding areas (24 county area in North Texas and Southern Oklahoma).

Texoma Gives Outcomes

Texoma Gives was the first giving day that completely transitioned to GiveGab from the Kimbia platform post-acquisition.
Last year, they were able to raise nearly $800,000 in only a 16-hour long event. This year, they significantly surpassed their goals and raised more than $1.2 million!
Texoma Gives 2018
Giving Day results for Texoma Gives 2018

Texoma Gives Leaderboards

Totals for Most Raised and Most Donors were updated in real-time on the Texoma Gives Leaderboards:

Texoma Gives 2018

Congratulations to Lake Wichita Revitalization Project for having the most raised, bringing in over $202k and to P.E.T.S. Lost Cost Spay and Neuter Clinic for having the most donors at 375!

Texoma Gives 2018
Giving Profile for P.E.T.S. Clinic for Texoma Gives 2018

From the Project Manager

Rebekah Casad, Project Manager for Texoma Gives 2018

I really enjoyed being a part of the Texoma Gives team! Because they were used to a different platform and a specific way of doing certain things, we worked through all of the milestone moments together.
 Texoma Gives 2018
We truly formed a partnership and worked together throughout the planning process. It was so fun to celebrate in their success throughout the day.
Even though we were 1,500 miles apart, it felt like we were a part of the action and a part of their team from start to finish.
I’m so proud of everything they were able to accomplish, and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for them next!
Congratulations to Texoma Gives and all the organizations that participated this year!

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