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Take Your Giving Day to the Next Level

Giving Days are an exciting, fun way to engage your community. But there can be a lot of moving pieces – especially as you start to expand and look for areas of growth year-over-year. So, where should you begin each year? 

During your Giving Day kick-off call, your dedicated GiveGab Project Manager will talk through your high-level fundraising goals. Our team of experts are there to help you meet your goals and implement strategies that will lead to success.

The GiveGab platform is built to help all our partners engage their community and grow the impact of their Giving Days. By setting goals early on, we can point you to the best GiveGab features to help you build an impactful day. In order to keep growing your day, we always recommend investing in premium features geared towards helping you meet your goals. The investment is worth the results you will see in your community.

So, pick a goal – or two – from the list below, and we will point you in the right direction for success:

Popular Giving Day Goals 

Raise Even Moreheart

  • Display a goal on your Giving Day home page: Inspire donors to give at an even higher level by displaying a real-time goal thermometer on your homepage. Supporters won’t be able to resist giving when they can see the impact their gift is making towards your goals.
  • Implement donor-advised fund giving: Many of our community foundation-affiliated Giving Days create exclusive giving opportunities for their fundholders by implementing DAF giving as a payment method. Activate your donors, and make giving even more accessible for those already committed to helping you raise money for your community.
  • Provide fundraising educational opportunities: Educating your participating organizations and groups helps them build capacity and become better fundraisers. In turn, their success leads to the overall success of your Giving Day. By teaming up with GiveGab’s experts for an on-site workshop, dedicated office hours, or a custom webinar, you can empower your Giving Day participants to set and achieve their own large fundraising goals.

Attract More Donorsphone2

  • Enlist Free Agent Fundraisers: Expand your reach by inviting Giving Day-wide fundraisers to help spread awareness about your campaign. Fundraisers will set up customizable pages to share with their networks to drive traffic and new donors to your Giving Day site! Free Agent Fundraisers are most commonly composed of respected community voices such as social media influencers, media personalities, local celebrities, government officials, and more.
  • Embrace mobile giving: Don’t be shy – give out your number! With most online gifts coming from mobile devices, use a designated number to engage donors over text message during your Giving Day. By enabling GiveGab’s text-to-give feature and promoting the phone number, you can expand your reach and attract more donors and encourage them to give through their mobile device

Build Community EngagementP2P x Donations-2

  • Invite local businesses to join in: Engage businesses in your community by inviting them to become Business Fundraisers. They can create a custom profile, promote their philanthropic commitment, encourage employees to give back, and raise more community awareness for your Giving Day.
  • Track giving from all over: Great for university and nonprofit chapter Giving Days, the GiveGab Heat Map allows you to visually track gifts coming in from all different states in real-time! A donor heat map inspires supporters to give so they can see the collective of their impact represented visually on the homepage, which creates a broader sense of community engagement will all involved in the Giving Day

Expand Your Social Media ReachGGLive

  • Take your livestreaming up a notch: Sharing impact stories over livestream helps connect donors to your Giving Day. With GiveGab Live, we make it easy to stream these beautiful stories on our event dashboard. Additionally, viewers can see incoming gifts and overall Giving Day stats populate in real-time. This engaging feature inspires community members to join in the Giving Day excitement and follow its progress no matter where they are!

The best part about all of GiveGab’s premium features is that they build off each other. The implementation of one feature may help you attract more donors, raise more money, and build engagement all at the same time.

“It is always so exciting to see our partners really chase after their goals and achieve them year-over-year,” says Molly Heslin, GiveGab Relationship Manager. “I can say first-hand that when a team invests in even just a single premium feature, they will see the impact in their Giving Day engagement!”

Talk to your Project Manager or Relationship Manager today to decide which feature would be best for you to implement to meet your community’s needs this year.

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