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Support Cass Park Arena Enclosure Campaign

On Saturday, September 30, 2017, from 6:00 PM to 11:00 PM there will be a gala held to celebrate Cass Park Arena called the Celebrate Cass! 45th Anniversary Party.   Cass Park Arena

Celebrate Cass 45th Anniversary Event

This event was launched by Friends of Ithaca Youth Bureau (FIYB) as part of a fundraising campaign to support the enclosure of Cass Park Arena, an arena located within Cass Park that requires proper enclosure for it to be sustainable.

A beautiful reception with dinner and dessert stations, beverages, a prize package raffle, silent auction, balloon bursts, music, and dancing are all to be expected at this event.  It costs $125 per person and $200 per couple. For those only interested in music and dancing, tickets are $45 each. Prize package raffle tickets are only $25 each and you don’t have to be at the event to win. Those who want to support this event without attending can make a donation here.

Cass Park Arena Enclosure Campaign

The Friends of Ithaca Youth Bureau and Cass Park Arena Enclosure Campaign has an overarching fundraising goal of $1 Million with their Celebrate Cass event projected to bring in around $50,000 of that goal.

Cass Park Arena

Benefits of Enclosing Cass Park Arena:

  • Extending the season for ice surface for several weeks
  • Dehumidified and conditioned air year-round
  • Ventilation, insulation, and adaptations to climate change
  • Improved comfort for activities and spectators year-round
  • Additional opportunities for rental income year-round
  • Potential for more future improvements to the lobby and locker rooms

Ways to Support Cass

Cass Park Arena

Additional ways to provide support are through the following roles:

  • Event Sponsors
  • Prize Package Raffle Donors
  • Silent Auction Prize Donors
  • Balloon Burst Prize Donors
  • Committee Members
  • Event Volunteers
  • Guests

Learn how to get involved by going to their event page before September 20, 2017:  Get Involved  

Community support is always appreciated and will go a long way in helping to make this campaign successful.  Visit their campaign page to learn more.

Friends of Ithaca Youth Bureau (FIYB) is a nonprofit located in Ithaca, NY, dedicated to supporting the Ithaca Youth Bureau, an organization that promotes positive and engaging opportunities for youth by raising community awareness and building financial support for services and programs throughout Tompkins County.