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5 Steps for Creating a Tasty Blog Post

What goes into creating a tasty blog post?

With a recipe tailored to your audience, along with careful preparation, your readers will feel intellectually satiated.


1. Pick a Recipe

So you know you need to write a blog post, but maybe you don’t know what to write about.  Brainstorm some ideas, ask others if they have any ideas and the do a little research.  Sometimes the best recipes are ones that are found and adapted!

Look at competitors or other folks writing about that topic and try to think of how you can do something similar or better (note: do not copy it).  Once you’ve decided, let your idea marinade for a while.



2. Preheat the Oven and Prep Your Ingredients

After some marinating, you should have a better vision of what your blog post is going to look like.

Gather all of your ingredients: a working title, an outline of key points, think of what images or graphics might fit with your key points.  If you have an idea for a graphic and need help creating one, look into free design tools like Canva and PicMonkey to see what you can make happen!



3. Combine the Ingredients and Pop it in the Oven

At this point, you’re ready to put your blog post together. Begin by deciding on your blog post title and fleshing out your key points.

After you’ve built up some content, start adding images, tags, and categories that fit the content of your post.  Keep your content clear and concise because after all, you want to make sure your post is easy to chew!



4. Your Meal is Ready, Time for a Taste Test

The timer’s up and your post is ready.  You’ll want to make sure your meal is fully cooked and that it tastes good before you serve it out to others.

Gather feedback from colleagues, friends or loved ones before posting to the masses.  That way you know if your post needs a little more time in the oven or a little extra spice.  You definitely wouldn’t want to miss a key ingredient!



5. Dinner is Served

Your post is published, now you just need to make sure everyone is fed!  There are multiple ways to get your post out there.

The obvious: sharing your post on social media.

You could also feature an excerpt of your post in an upcoming email newsletter.

Also take into consideration the content of your article.  There may be online communities and forums that could benefit from your blog post. Do a little research and find these outlets (e.g., Cora, LinkedIn, Facebook Groups) and consider posting an excerpt linking back to your post.


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