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Spring 2021 Quarterly Product Updates

The GiveGab team is dedicated to responding to our customer’s feedback. Over the past few months, we have worked to create impactful, robust additions to the GiveGab Fundraising Suite. We invite you to check out some of our most notable updates from the past quarter.

Giving Days 

Giving Days are online fundraising challenges (24 hours or longer) that bring communities and campuses together to raise awareness and funds for different initiatives.

Increasing Customizations

Our partners love the look and feel of our Giving Day sites, but sometimes want to embed additional content to engage their donors. Site administrators will now have the ability to add custom javascript to individual custom content pages. This update will allow partners to embed content from Juicer, Tagboard, or other programs for extended periods of time. Since this new customization is at the page level, we are able to allow for embedded code while ensuring our Giving Day sites remain secure.

Getting Social

As Giving Days grow, so do social media feeds. We know that creating buzz helps boost donations and unite communities. To provide an even better experience for users on your Giving Day site, we have redesigned our live social media feed powered by Tagboard.

Artboard 1Bringing a cleaner look to your Giving Day homepage, this new update will show a maximum of 20 posts instead of populating an infinite number to scroll through. Site visitors will now be able to easily navigate to the bottom of your site, giving them better access to quick links in your footer. Users will still be able to select a “load more” button to enjoy social media posts and follow along with what participants and fans are sharing about their favorite Giving Day.

Philanthropy Hub 

Be the philanthropic leader for your community by providing a centralized website that serves as a verified nonprofit directory for year-round awareness, engagement, and giving with Philanthropy Hub.

Intuitive Data Collection

We are excited to introduce new custom, conditional dropdown questions to Philanthropy Hub, which allows partners to collect additional data from participating organizations. These new conditional dropdown questions will populate based on previous answers from your other form questions. For example, you can now ask your organizations to select a primary organization type, which, once selected, will populate optional selections for a sub-organization type.

This easy-to-use feature will help nonprofits provide your organization with more detailed, customized data, which can help inform your future campaigns and grant-making strategies.


Example of new custom, conditional dropdown questions

Donation Forms

Donation Forms empower you to create completely custom and embeddable forms for collecting donations, registrations, and RFIs (Requests For Information) integrated into your website.

Stewarding Your Donors

Thanking your donors in a personalized way keeps them feeling valued and helps you secure ongoing support. We believe that any recurring donor deserves the same level of appreciation as a new donor. This is why we are introducing the ability to add custom content to the footer of your form’s email receipts for any recurring payments (either on-going or installment). This new customization will help you continue connecting with your most loyal donors and help you create more cohesive branding and messaging across all your form’s receipts.

Streamlining the Donation Experience


Making the donation experience simple and efficient is one of our top priorities. Having an easy checkout process helps ensure that donors complete their transactions and builds trust to cultivate repeat giving. To continue making our checkout process more efficient, we have reordered our Donation Forms’ ‘Payment Details’ section.

This update will better match more general online payment workflows that most donors experience on other websites and mobile applications. The new donation flow will ask donors to select their payment type (i.e., Credit Card, Checking Account, etc.) first, fill out their billing information second, and enter their payment information third.

Platform-Wide Updates 

Inclusive Causes


The nonprofit sector is constantly meeting the immediate needs of communities across the globe, which means their work serves both broader areas of service and specific needs. In order to help organizations become more searchable by donors looking to give to specific causes, GiveGab is introducing five new standard causes across our platform: Racial Equity; LGBTQ+; Ethnic/Immigrant Services; International Migration, Refugee Issues; and Family Violence Shelters, Services. Each new cause will bring more inclusivity to our list of standard causes and open up more opportunities for donors to give where their passions lie.

Additional Updates

Giving Days

  • Global Giving Days now have access to GG Live, GiveGab’s real-time virtual event dashboard, designed to take your Giving Day to the next level with live data, virtual interaction, and easy ways to give.
  • To build even more consistency across our Giving Day platform, and make giving even easier for your business partners, we have renamed the Business Fundraiser “Toolkit” to “Dashboard.”
  • As Giving Days grow around the world, we are excited to introduce the ability to pre-select a country, other than the United States, in the Giving Day donation form.

Philanthropy Hub

  • New visibility settings allow you to hide specific fields on your internal editing dashboard for users depending on their level of administrative access. Additionally, you may select which fields you wish to show or hide on your public-facing site – giving you more flexibility to customize and manage your data.
  • We have re-surfaced the profile expiration date on each nonprofit admin dashboard to help organizations maintain their credentials and provide partners with up-to-date information.

Donation Forms

  • Keeping your administrative tools easy to manage, we have clarified the role of the ‘Ongoing Stop Date’ feature to make sure no recurring charges will be made to donors and/or registrants after your set date.


  • Our new “Sandbox” tool allows you to create custom test sections without having to add them to your live site in the Landing Page Builder. Once you’re satisfied with what you have built in the testing phase, you can easily move the sections to your live site for all to see.

GiveGab platform updates and enhancements will be announced monthly and made available on the GiveGab blog.

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