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Creating a social media strategy for GivingTuesday

GivingTuesday is best known as a giving movement that uses the power of social media to spread generosity within local communities and throughout the entire world. It is a day that amplifies the voices of the nonprofit community as donors actively search for new causes to support. 

The nonprofit sector has seen an increase in the use of social media for fundraising over the past few years. With peer-to-peer fundraising and digital giving at the forefront, it has become increasingly important for your organization to have a presence online and to connect with your community through this channel. 

Most people are now getting their news and information through social media, so it makes sense that they are also using this platform to learn more about causes they are passionate about. The potential to reach donors through social media significantly grows on GivingTuesday. With a whole day centered around giving, their social accounts will be full of their peers sharing their stories of philanthropy and encouraging others to donate. 
With so much activity on social media that day, it also means that your organization’s message needs to stand out and cut through the noise. Providing fresh and engaging messaging and imagery for your followers is a must. Your social posts should quickly grab the attention of the donor and provide them with a simple way to act. 

Ensuring that your organization is leveraging the momentum created on social media during GivingTuesday is a crucial step to running a successful campaign. 

We have compiled a list of resources from fundraising thought leaders to provide meaningful tips, guides, and templates that will help your organization make the most out of social media on GivingTuesday. Check them out below! 

Logos and social shares

Downloads – Official GivingTuesday logos

Published by GivingTuesday

GivingTuesday logos

The GivingTuesday team encourages fundraisers and supporters of their movement to get creative on social media throughout the year and especially leading up to GivingTuesday. Their team has provided original art files featuring their GivingTuesday logos and encourages organizations to make them their own by editing them to fit their branding and messaging. 

Downloads – GivingTuesday Canva templates

Published by GivingTuesday

Looking for social media graphics for GivingTuesday that are completely customizable? The GivingTuesday team has created a library of downloadable templates within Canva that fundraisers may use to design engaging posts as they prepare for their upcoming campaigns. Canva is free to use for nonprofit organizations.

Social Media Strategy

E-Book – The ultimate guide to GivingTuesday success

Published by GiveGab

To help prepare you for your most successful GivingTuesday yet, this free e-book includes a step-by-step plan leading up to the day, a communications timeline, insights into creating a social media strategy, tips for success, and much more! 

Toolkit – The Complete Guide to GivingTuesday for Nonprofits, Community Organizations, NGOs, CSOs, and Causes

Published by GivingTuesday

This guide provides some ideas and basic organizing tactics you can use to rally support for your movement on GivingTuesday. Resources provided include sample social media messaging, tips for activating support on social media, tactics to prepare social accounts for GivingTuesday, and much more!

Article – 6 Steps to creating a nonprofit year-end and GivingTuesday social media strategy

Published by Network for Good, written by Community Boost

Learn from experts at Community Boost, a premier full-service nonprofit digital marketing agency, how your nonprofit can develop a winning social media strategy for GivingTuesday and year-end fundraising.

Article – Using social media in peer-to-peer fundraisers

Published by Network for Good

Social media plays an integral part in your GivingTuesday peer-to-peer fundraising efforts. This blog explores how you can use social media to our advantage to reach and engage with new donors by leveraging peer audiences.  

Article – 5 Reasons social media is one of the most valuable nonprofit marketing tools

Published by Network for Good

In today’s society, people are spending more and more time online. In fact, according to Pew Research Center, 85% of people have a smartphone. Plus, many people are active on a number of social media platforms. Learn more about why social media can be such a valuable tool as you prepare for your GivingTuesday campaign and beyond.  

Survey report – Social media predicted as top growth area for nonprofits of all sizes

Published by EveryAction

Over the next three to five years, most nonprofits predict they’ll see significant growth in their social media channels. Find out how these insights could help you develop your social media strategy ahead of GivingTuesday.  

Vodcast – Surveys for supporter engagement

Published by EveryAction

Following GivingTuesday, keep up the momentum your organization created on social media by sending a fun and interactive survey to your supporters and followers. This Vodcast shares how you can connect more deeply with your audiences by using surveys to ask the right questions at the right time.   

Podcast – Meta’s take on creating social impact

Published by Accidental Fundraiser

Learn how to leverage Facebook and Instagram as a key fundraising driver for your nonprofit. Discover how you can utilize these free tools to help you reach millions of new supporters!   

With great resources in hand, you can easily begin to leverage the power of social media this GivingTuesday to amplify your cause! Having a presence online during this internationally recognized day of giving means you can reach new donors and engage with a wider audience of supporters. 

Make sure your GivingTuesday campaign page matches the sophistication of your social media strategy. GiveGab’s Peer to Peer Fundraising Suite allows you to create a customized and mobile-friendly fundraising campaign that you’ll be eager to share across your networks. 

If you’re hosting a Giving Day this GivingTuesday, download our Giving Day marketing playbook to learn more about all of the elements of promoting a successful Giving Day: