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Why Segmenting Donors Improves Engagement

Nonprofits who segment their donors see improved engagement and increased support for their fundraising efforts.

For those who don’t already know, this is because when you segment or “separate” your donors into different categorical groups, you’re identifying them in a way that lets you know how to better engage with them moving forward.

Segmenting by giving frequency or amount, for instance, can allow you to send out messaging tailored specifically to those who tend to give very large gifts from those who give less.

Segmenting your donors allows you to do the following things:

1. Identify Who Your Donors Are

How have they interacted with you? How did they first get involved with your organization? Do they have a specific cause they respond best to?

2. Determine Your Giving Levels

What patterns are you seeing with average gifts? Are there any overlooked opportunities to encourage larger average gifts from your supporters?

3. Create and Send Targeted Asks

Now that you know who your donors are and what their average gift is, how can you best leverage that into increased engagement or giving?

4. Provide Easier Stewardship

Use any visible patterns to easily provide stewardship to your supporters. Are they constantly participating in 5ks? – Make sure they are the first to know about your next event!  Or Do they like the theatre? – Give them a complimentary ticket to the next show!  With data comes power! 

5. Build Better Relationships

Use all of these tools to better learn who your supporters are and how you can foster a more powerful relationship with each one individually. Personalized communication tailored to their interests will further engage and encourage them to become even more involved with you and your cause.

Schedule a demo to see how GiveGab can help you segment your supporters and use data to foster better relationships with them!