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Segmenting Your Donors For Stewardship Success

As a fundraising professional, you already know that every donor is unique, and therefore should have a tailored approach to how they are engaged with by your organization.  

This is why the webinar for September 2018 in our new monthly webinar series discussed segmenting your donors for stewardship success!  

In this webinar, myself and fellow Customer Success Champion, Jennifer Spencer, presented tips and strategies for managing your supporters, a skill that will undoubtedly help you develop and execute the best possible stewardship plan for each of your donors and volunteers.

Stewardship Success

Donor segmentation is useful for all nonprofits regardless of size, and we supplement each concept that is discussed with specific examples. Jennifer spent seven years as executive director of a small animal shelter and is familiar with how supporter management can completely transform donor stewardship for the better.

Segmenting your donors is an easy and incredibly impactful way to personalize your communications, ensure that every one of your supporters feels appreciated, and increase donor retention.

Additionally, we covered how using online tools, including features on GiveGab, can help you segment your donors more effectively. Watch the full webinar below or on our YouTube Channel, where you will find more helpful information and resources.

Segmenting Your Donors for Stewardship Success

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