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GiveGab Hosts Second Annual Giving Day Leaders Forum

Team GiveGab held its second annual Giving Day Leaders Forum (GDLF) on July 25-26, 2018, with a fantastic turnout of over thirty-five Giving Day partners from across the country!

Last summer marked our very first GDLF, where we also had an incredible turnout of twenty-six giving day leaders in attendance (in-person and remote). Having only had just over thirty giving days under our belt at that time, we had the pleasure of welcoming partners from over seventy giving days this year!

Here is a quote from GiveGab project manager Laryssa Hebert featured in an article by Louis Medina of Give Big Kern;

“We aim to have productive, real and open-ended conversations with everyone on board, and take the time to learn what their goals and needs are”

We learned so much from the awesome leaders who attended last years’ event and were overjoyed to see the relationships that formed through the group’s collaboration.

This years’ forum focused on the following topics:

  • Analysis, comparison, and implications of giving day metrics
  • How to effectively use prizes to motivate your participating nonprofits
  • Maintaining good sponsor relationships
  • Giving your nonprofits the tools for self-sufficiency and success
  • The future of giving days
  • How to evolve your giving day and stay relevant
  • Overview of the GiveGab Product Roadmap

From the discussion around these topics and the general discourse at the event two common predominant themes emerged;

1. People are excited about the GiveGab product roadmap!

Attendees at the forum and from GiveGab are very excited about new product features and the overall direction of the platform. The feedback we receive from our partners is invaluable and will ultimately go back into the products they use every day.

2. Our partners like to come together!

Fundraising professionals in the giving space are excited to have the chance to interact with their peers and exchange ideas and insights.

” I’m meeting great people and I’m hearing great ideas and I’m learning about the data across the whole platform and I think that’s going to be really helpful to our giving event next year.” 

– Sharon Cappetta, Director of Development, The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven.

” We came today to learn from our peers, other giving day leaders, and get some new ideas for our giving day.” – Mercedes Alhaj, COO, The Nonprofit Council.


GiveGab Giving Day Leaders Forum 2018 Video





Thank you for being a valuable part of this growing community of philanthropic leaders and for sharing your insights with each other and team GiveGab.

Here’s to continuing the momentum, strengthening our partnerships, and together building the best Giving Day platform available!

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