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GiveGab Retreat 2019: Giving, Gratitude, and Grit

On August 27-30, 2019 the GiveGab team gathered together to take part in our annual company-wide retreat in the Catskill Mountains in Upstate New York. 

2019 marks our biggest retreat yet with GiveGab growing to over 50 employees this past year. The retreat was an opportunity to regroup and get to know our newest additions to the GiveGab team.

Team-building and brainstorming activities throughout these three days allowed us to learn about each other’s skillsets and how we can work together to better support the many organizations we work with.

GiveGab Retreat
Galen and Jon


“The retreat is the cumulative effort of so many great people that ends off being one of the greatest team-building exercises I’ve ever been apart of. There were several team members that I didn’t know nearly as well, but thanks to the activities that went on at the retreat, I can comfortably say that I’m good friends with everyone at GiveGab.” – Jon, Customer Success Champion.

This year our company took time to reflect on three aspects of our company that makes us truly unique and valuable to our partners and customers. Charlie, the CEO and Founder of GiveGab, gathered the team to highlight our focus on Giving, Gratitude, and Grit. By dedicating time to foster growth in these three areas we can continue to follow the GiveGab mission of creating more happy nonprofits



GiveGab Retreat
Shea and Bridget


Giving takes a lot of different forms within the GiveGab team and is something that keeps all connected with the nonprofits we work with. Every employee at GiveGab has a passion for giving back to their community through volunteer work, board participation, or charitable giving. The GiveGab team culture also emphasizes the importance of giving to the team everything we have. We are all dedicated to providing the best customer support and product to ensure charitable giving nationwide can occur seamlessly. 


We are grateful for all the connections and relationships we have built at GiveGab. It is really important to our team culture that everyone on the team knows how much we appreciate what they bring to the organization. During the retreat, every team member shared something they appreciated about each employee they work with.

We don’t just keep our gratitude within the company. Every day we show just how much we appreciate all our partners and customers. From our Annual Leaders Day Forums to handwritten notes, we want each of our nonprofits to understand how grateful we are to work with such passionate people doing great work in their communities.

GiveGab Retreat
Sue, Director of Human Resources



GiveGab Retreat
Andy, Nicole, Jon, Charlie, Natalie, Amy, and Molly


No one has more grit than nonprofit professionals. We understand working in the nonprofit field is a thankless job that requires resourcefulness and sharp problem-solving skills. GiveGab is right there with you, supporting over 100 Giving Days is no easy task. We spent time at the retreat brainstorming ways to utilize resources available to us to enhance and empower our Giving Days.

To learn more about the GiveGab team check out our team page!