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Monthly GiveGab Product Updates – November 2020

The GiveGab team dedicates time every month to create impactful and robust additions to the GiveGab Fundraising Suite made available in our monthly product updates.

Let’s dive into some of the most notable updates made to our platform in November.

Giving Days

Giving Days are 24-hour (or longer!) digital fundraising challenges where organizations, schools, and hospital foundations can rally their supporters together to raise funds for different initiatives.

Improvements to Giving Day Dashboards for Participating Organizations

We have made it easier than ever for organizations participating in a Giving Day to find relevant information quickly and efficiently. When an organization’s administrator logs on to GiveGab to edit their Giving Day profile, they will now see their performance stats displayed at the top of the page. This includes the current amount raised, the number of donors that have given, and the number of gifts that have been made.

Previously, the administrator would need to click on a separate page within their dashboard to find this information. With this update we are able to provide a better user experience for Giving Day participants as they can more simply check their progress while directly managing their profile.

Product Updates November

Partners Can Now Manage Giving Day Subsite Dashboards

At GiveGab, we support a multitude of Giving Days varying in size and functionality. One of our most unique Giving Day types offers subsites to participating groups. Both the main Giving Day site and its subsites have their own branded landing pages, leaderboards, and more. Typically, the subsites host the participating organization’s profiles while the main site showcases the overall branding for the day and provides links to the subsites.

Since every subsite has its own Partner Dashboard, it is crucial for the Giving Day host powering the event to make edits and changes to each one as needed. Previously, to make changes to any subsite, the host Partner would need to be given admin access to individual dashboards manually. This month, Partners interested in editing subsites will see the available dashboards within their personal GiveGab accounts and will have the ability to toggle through them to make any edits.

For example, #iGiveCatholic, a national Giving Day that takes place annually on GivingTuesday, is hosted by an organization of the same name. This organization manages the overall operations of this event. They also have large arch/dioceses participating throughout the country. Each arch/diocese receives a subsite that includes their own landing page and Partner Dashboard. The admin for each Arch/Diocese then manages the organizations, parishes, and schools that fall within their community. The new update allows for the host partner of #iGiveCatholic to also have the authority to make changes within each of the arch/diocese Dashboards with changes reflected in the individual subsites.

Added Functionality to Offline Donations

Within an organization’s Giving Day dashboard, administrators can create offline donations to account for gifts made outside of the platform. This allows the organization to keep track of the overall success of the day and showcase the collective generosity of all donors both online and offline. When an administrator creates an offline donation, they are now able to attribute it to a specific Peer-to-Peer fundraiser. This allows the fundraiser to receive recognition for the offline donation even if the gift was not given directly through their online P2P page. This update helps to ensure that we are providing ways to make your organization’s Peer-to-Peer fundraisers feel appreciated for their efforts in bringing new donors during your Giving Day.

Embeddable Widget Improvements

The Embeddable Donation Widget allows organizations participating in a Giving Day to collect donations directly from their own websites. When the Widget’s code is added to the organization’s site, it will generate a button that when clicked will bring up a GiveGab donation form. The donation is then processed and attributed to the active Giving Day that the organization is participating in.

Previously, only organizations using their own banking information to collect donations (not fiscally sponsored by Giving Day partner) were able to utilize the Embeddable Widget. New this month, Organizations who are fiscally sponsored (funds distributed by the Giving Day partner) can now use the Embeddable Donation Widget to collect donations. Having access to the Widget allows organizations to reach donors who prefer not to enter a new site to make a contribution but still want to support the efforts of the Giving Day.

Product Updates November

Platform-Wide Updates

Platform-wide updates refer to any changes made that apply to Community Giving, Giving Day, Crowdfunding, and Peer-to-Peer Fundraising functionality. These updates ensure that our platform remains robust and unified to create a seamless experience for all using GiveGab.

More Efficient Receipting Process

We strive to make it exceptionally easy for your organizations to manage and support your donors through our platform. For a variety of reasons, your donor may request that their receipt be sent to an alternate email address than the one used to make the gift.

Since your donations come in through the platform, it is also important you can take care of your donor’s request right from your dashboard in seconds. New this month, we have added functionality to allow you to do just that! Within the Report section of your organization’s dashboard, just simply click on the receipt icon, and a box will appear, prompting you to enter in the email address you wish to direct the receipt to.

Product Updates November

Philanthropy Hub

Be the philanthropic leader for your community by providing a centralized website that serves as a verified nonprofit directory for year-round awareness, engagement, and giving with Philanthropy Hub.

As a Philanthropy Hub Partner, you are able to create question fields for your participating organizations. This allows you to collect information that is pertinent to you as the host and to those visiting the site. The responses to these questions are displayed within the organization’s individual profiles. Previously these questions were limited to creating a text box or a single dropdown selection for a list.

This month we added multi-select questions to this functionality allowing you to ask more robust and relevant questions. For example, rather than providing a text box for organizations to enter the populations they serve, they can select multiple options in a list of age ranges that you provide for them. By including more question types, an organization’s profile will display cleaner data that will be more consistent across all profiles.

Donation Forms

GiveGab’s Donation Forms allows organizations to create a completely custom and embeddable donation, registration, and RFI (Requests For Information) form integrated into their website.

Reporting Tool Enhancements

We are focused on making improvements to our Donation Forms platform to ensure that it is intuitive and user friendly to maximize your organization’s efficiency. Within your reporting tools, the drop-down list that displays the filter by fields will now appear in alphabetical order. This will allow you to more easily find the specific field you are looking for without having to scroll through each item within the dropdown list.

Product Updates November

Improvements to the Donor Self-Service Widget

We understand the importance of offering donors the flexibility to make their gifts in a way that is most convenient for them. This is why we have created tools such as the Self-Service Widget that allow them to make changes to their recurring donations at any time. New this month, Donors who give to an Organization using Stripe as their payment processor and have Mobile Pay enabled can now switch their method of payment to a credit card or an ACH for the remainder of their consecutive gifts.

Product Updates November

Additional Updates to the Donation Form Platform Include:

  • Enhanced Response Feed within API v2
    • Our Donation Form’s API now includes additional transaction details and metadata from its payment gateway details.
  • DoubleTheDonation : Form & Form Chooser Preview support
    • Organizations using our integration with Double The Donation, a robust matching gift platform, are now able to preview forms with this service before providing it to their donors. This ensures that the organizations have the opportunity to test and format the Double The Donation fields as they seem fit prior to setting them live.
  • Custom CSS class Available for Question Config UI
    • Organizations are now able to add custom CSS classes to elements on their forms allowing them to have more control over the branding and customization of the forms.

GG Live

GG Live is GiveGab’s real-time virtual event dashboard, designed to take your Giving Day to the next level with live data, virtual interaction, and easy ways to give.

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Product Updates November

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