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Monthly GiveGab Product Updates – May 2020 Edition

The GiveGab product team dedicates time every month to create impactful and robust additions to the GiveGab Fundraising Suite.

Let’s dive into some of the most notable updates made to our platform in May.

Platform-Wide Updates

Platform-wide updates refer to any changes made that apply to Community Giving, Giving Day, Crowdfunding, and Peer-to-Peer Fundraising functionality. These updates ensure that our platform remains robust and unified to create a seamless experience for all using GiveGab.

Streamlined Donation Experience

An update we have all been excited about on the GiveGab team is the changes made to our organization’s general GiveGab profile. A GiveGab profile is automatically created when an organization creates an account on our platform. It is their public-facing profile that surfaces general information about the organization and will surface any active fundraising campaigns or Giving Day profiles connected to their account. Donors also had the ability to give via a donate button on the general profile to allow for gifts to go directly to an organization but not be attributed to any specific event or campaign.

This has caused some confusion in the past for both admins and donors, as they were uncertain why there were multiple places to give and update information. While we understand the importance of having a central place to share with your supporters the many ways to contribute to the organization, we have removed the donate button from the general GiveGab profile. This will create a streamlined experience for donors as they will have more clear guidance on where they should be making a donation when giving to an organization on GiveGab.

Additional Platform-Wide Updates this Month Include:

  • Enhanced Donor Insights: Organizations will now see additional columns within their donation report noting if any gifts to their campaign were made “In Memory Of” or “In Honor Of” someone. This provides organizations more clarity and insight into their donations allowing them to take additional steps in their donor stewardship plan.
  • Improved Campaign Formatting: Instruction text was added under our story editor, summernote, for those adding text and photos to their fundraising campaigns and Giving Day profiles with guidance on how to copy and paste text without experiencing any potential formatting issues. The text reads “Note: Pasting text from outside of GiveGab into this text editor can cause inconsistent styling on your public-facing profile. If you are inserting copied text, please highlight all inputted text and select the “Clear Formatting” wand icon before reaching out to support.
  • Simplified Video Requirements: An example of the required Vimeo video format was added to the back end of events, peer-to-peer campaigns, and Giving day profiles to further support those looking to add a video to their fundraising efforts on GiveGab. This text reads “Vimeo links must be in the following format:”

Giving Days

Giving Days are 24-hour (or longer!) online fundraising challenges where organizations and schools come together to raise funds for different initiatives.

Improved Search Functionality

It is so important to us that donors looking to contribute to a Giving Day through GiveGab can easily search and find organizations with causes and missions close to their hearts. This month, significant work was done to improve keyword searches for Giving Days. When a donor searches for an organization, they will now see more accurate search results based on keywords used by the organization within their profile.

Product Updates May

Updates to the Giving Day Platform this Month Include:

  • Improvements made to our donation form for mobile devices to remove whitespace created from autofill data to reduce commonly seen donation errors regarding the email, zip code, and phone number fields.
  • Additional security measures added to the Giving Day donation form to combat fraudulent activities.

Enterprise Embeddable Forms

The Enterprise Platform allows organizations to create a completely custom and embeddable donation, registration, and RFI (Requests For Information) forms integrated into their website.

Updates to the Enterprise Platform this Month Include:

  • JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is now an available format for API data feed. This update applies to the Response, Transaction and Record endpoints
  • Enterprise forms can now remotely define Multi-give form ‘Donation Categories’ via URL to JSON file
  • Fastly caching service is now being utilized for improved delivery of widget assets
  • Accessibility Update: ARIA(Accessible Rich Internet Applications) tags were added to the main Form error message for improved screen reader support
  • ‘Form Response List Price’ and ‘Payment Schedule Total Number of Payments’ columns are now available to be added to the Payment Schedules report

Updates to our GiveGab Product Offerings

During this critical time, GiveGab wants to provide you access to modern and easy-to-use digital fundraising tools at no cost! We value the support you bring to communities across the country, and our team of fundraising experts are here to help you! Here is what we are offering:

Community Giving Sites

Community Giving 

GiveGab is waiving the subscription fee for our Community Giving platform for Foundations through December 31, 2020, supporting COVID-19 relief initiatives. This robust fundraising solution allows your nonprofit members to fundraise year-round through campaigns, events, and initiatives on a centralized and secure community-based website hosted and customized by your foundation!

Learn More

*Valued at $8,500+ per year, the 4% platform fee on donations not covered by donors will still apply.

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