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Monthly GiveGab Product Updates – July 2020

The GiveGab team dedicates time every month to create impactful and robust additions to the GiveGab Fundraising Suite made available in our monthly product updates.

Let’s dive into some of the most notable updates made to our platform in July.

Giving Days

Giving Days are 24-hour (or longer!) digital fundraising challenges where organizations, schools, and hospital foundations can rally their supporters together to raise funds for different initiatives.

Giving Day Customization

We know that each Giving Day partner is unique and has its own personality. It is important that your site can reflect that. Our partners now have the ability to edit the text, visibility, and link for the CTA button that appears on the main section of the homepage. This is typically the button that reads “Register” or “Donate” depending on the phase of your Giving Day. It is usually the first action that a visitor will take when they visit your Giving Day site. Having the ability to customize this button allows your organization to keep the most relevant information top of mind for your supporters. Or, you could choose not to have a button in that section at all if it makes the most sense for your branding.

Product Updates July

Platform-Wide Updates

Platform-wide updates refer to any changes made that apply to Community Giving, Giving Day, Crowdfunding, and Peer-to-Peer Fundraising functionality. These updates ensure that our platform remains robust and unified to create a seamless experience for all using GiveGab.

Security Enhancements

At GiveGab, keeping donor and organization information safe is our biggest priority. This month we have made several enhancements to the GiveGab API and web platforms to prevent malicious attackers. GiveGab is a PCI-DSS Level I and SOC 1 Type 2 certified organization. Learn more about GiveGab’s security protocols here.

Increased Donor Support

Donations on GiveGab are all tied to user accounts. This is done so that our donors are able to review any gifts they have made through our platform and manage any recurring gifts they have scheduled. When a gift was made with a specific email address, it would pull in information from their user account such as their address and phone number. Now, addresses and phone numbers are now tied to each individual donation. This creates a much more efficient way for donors to make requests within our GG Chat service if they need assistance changing information associated with a single donation.

Donor History Improvements

When making a gift through the GiveGab platform, donors are able to give anonymously. This means that organizations are not able to access the contact information for this donor, such as their name or email. Previously, when a gift was made anonymously, it was tied to the email making it difficult for a donor to find donation records if they had lost their emailed receipt. This month, an update was created so that donors are able to view their anonymous gift history directly through their user account on GiveGab. This will give these donors a more streamlined experience when looking for documentation of previously made gifts.

Enterprise Embeddable Forms

The Enterprise Platform allows organizations to create a completely custom and embeddable donation, registration, and RFI (Requests For Information) forms integrated into their website.

Easy to Insert Widgets

It can be a common issue when inserting code into your site to not copy the entirety of the text string. This can cause frustrations by not displaying the forms correctly. Enhancements were made to your GiveGab Enterprise dashboard that allows you to now click a button within your Widget snippets that will automatically save the code to your clipboard. You can then paste the code on to your site without having to do a manual copy, significantly reducing the chance of experiencing any issues when adding the widget.

Product Updates July

Flexible Donation Options

Every donor that contributes to your organization is unique and may have different ways in which they would like to give. We take pride in providing customized ways for your donors to give back to your organization that better supports your mission and creates a positive user experience for all. With GiveGab Enterprise, contributions to your organization may be broken up in increments as designated by your donor. This is most commonly used when a donor would like to divide a single amount across multiple equal payments. They may choose the frequency of these payments as well as the duration. Updates have been made to extend the duration of the installment payments from 3 years of payments to 5 years.

Community Giving

GiveGab’s Community Giving Platform allows your organization to engage with and support your entire community through year-round giving on a customized site.

Tiered Admin Additions 

Our Community Giving partners are philanthropic leaders that use this platform to manage and support their nonprofit members on a long term basis. To better facilitate the use of their site by participating organizations, we have been implementing a new ‘Tiered Admin Access’ features that give certain control to the different user account based on the level of access they should have to the back end of their nonprofits profiles. New this month, we have added a new level to our tiered admin access that allows selected partners to have full control of their organization’s profiles allowing them to update information or images on the fly.

Updates to our GiveGab Product Offerings

During this critical time, GiveGab wants to provide you access to modern and easy-to-use digital fundraising tools at no cost! We value the support you bring to communities across the country, and our team of fundraising experts are here to help you! Here is what we are offering:

Community Giving Sites

Community Giving 

GiveGab is waiving the subscription fee for our Community Giving platform for Foundations through December 31, 2020, supporting COVID-19 relief initiatives. This robust fundraising solution allows your nonprofit members to fundraise year-round through campaigns, events, and initiatives on a centralized and secure community-based website hosted and customized by your foundation!

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*Valued at $8,500+ per year, the 4% platform fee on donations not covered by donors will still apply.

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